The Mob’s Classify responds to backlash for smashing PS5 as a prank

Alan Bernal
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100 Thieves trickster Yan ‘Classify’ Shalomov came under fire after smashing a PlayStation 5 just to prank fellow The Mob member Erind ‘Froste’ Puka, as the next-gen console has been increasingly hard to obtain.

Classy pulled a fast one on his friend by switching Froste’s PS5 with another authentic console that was acquired through a reseller. Tempers flared once the prank actually went down, but it was all smiles once the curtain had been lifted.

However, some people online still didn’t like seeing the hammer come down on Sony’s latest PlayStation and have been taking aim at the YouTuber for pulling off the prank in the first place.

The replies to the video eventually prompted Classy to speak about the hate he was getting, addressing those who felt ‘insulted’ by the antics on display.

(Mobile users: Timestamp at 5:18)

“That PS5 prank was simply for a YT video. That’s all,” Classify said.” I only bought one, and from a reseller, and I in no way meant to insult anyone who can’t get one right now by smashing it in the video. I genuinely tried to get a reaction out of my roommate for the video and I did.

“That being said, I understand if your opinion about me changed and if you don’t like me because of that. I apologize.”

He also responded to people calling him “entitled and ungrateful for what (he has) in life,” pointing to how he communicates to his friends and fans about his gratitude on a daily basis.

YouTubers will go to extreme lengths to pull off a juicy bit of content. While the timing of the prank might have hit a sore spot for many, the value of this particular joke came because of the hefty PS5 shortage in the world and how much Froste cherished his.

President & CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Jim Ryan, told TASS about the state of PS5 sales, saying: “Everything is sold. Absolutely everything is sold… I’m spending a lot more time on trying to increase supply to meet that demand.”

As the holidays near, PS5s are only going to get harder to find. This realization could be why so many took issue, but Classy reassured that he meant no offense with the prank.