That Other Hannah quits social media after Torrid TikTok drama goes viral

Dylan Horetski
that_other_hannahTorrid/Instagram: That_Other_Hannah

Plus-Size clothing brand Torrid has come under fire for their response to TikToker ‘That Other Hannah,’ after she criticized the appearance of their latest fashion line. 

While TikTok is one of the best places to go for short-form media consumption with its viral trends and videos, it’s also home to its fair share of drama between creators and companies.

In the case of fashion-focused plus-sized TikToker ‘that_other_hannah,’ she went viral after criticizing a video from Torrid, a clothing company with a focus on “trendy” plus-sized clothing. Her video immediately gathered attention from fans of the brand, who decided to harass the creator.

Torrid and Hannah TikTok drama

Hannah duetted a video, posted by the CEO of Torrid, who was showing off some of their fashion options.

In her response, she appeared visibly disappointed with the style of outfits with a caption saying: “This is why we can’t have nice things at Torrid.”

Checking out some of the comments on the video, it appears that fans of the creator are in agreement. TikToker ‘Toni Ann’ stated: “So now we know the entire collection is based on only one person’s style.”

A few days after her original post, Hannah uploaded another video. This time, the creator explained that Torrid decided to turn off comments on the video she had duetted instead of making an effort to fix things.

As time passed and more people viewed her videos, fans of Torrid allegedly called the creator’s workplace and claimed she made several inappropriate jokes.

Leaving social media

On November 1, Hannah posted a video stating she was leaving social media for a while: “I don’t know if I’m going to come back at all.”

She says the calls didn’t land her in hot water, and her boss is just concerned for her safety due to people wanting to cause issues in her life.

Shortly after the video about leaving social media, Torrid posted a statement on their Facebook page.

torrid facebook statmentFacebook: Torrid
Torrid took to Facebook to issue a statement regarding drama on social media.

The TikToker decided to make one last video regarding the situation.

She stated that the public statement made by the company makes her feel like they may have been involved in the call to her workplace, despite not having concrete proof to back that up.

Whether they were involved or not, toxicity on social media is a real issue. If Hannah decides to return to social media in the future, fans will be hoping she won’t have to endure this sort of thing again.