Streamer Pqueen begs Twitch for help after viewers hack address & phone number

Isaac McIntyre
Pqueen on Twitch stream.

Popular Turkish streamer Pelin ‘pqueen’ Baynazoğlu is begging Twitch to take action against several hackers in her chat who have leaked her home address and phone number amid the platform’s ongoing Bits scam issue.

The popular content creator, who streams from Turkey, has called for Amazon to act after several Twitch chatters seized her home address and phone number.

The hack came while she was talking about the ongoing Twitch Bits controversy that is sweeping through the Turkish scene. During last month’s Twitch data leak, it was revealed a number of Turkey’s popular streamers ⁠— reportedly more than 2,400 all up— were involved in a money-laundering scheme.

Pqueen, who is a Twitch partner and long-time streamer, has now become embroiled in the issue and claims a number of Twitch users have stolen information, including her address and phone number, in a bid to stop her discussing the controversy.

The 29-year-old has turned to Twitch for help, begging the streaming giant to block the profiles that keep sharing her details and protect her information better.

Pqueen on Twitch stream.
The Turkish star has demanded Twitch take action against her harassers.

Pqueen revealed she had become the target of the Turkish Twitch users on Nov. 4, explaining on Twitter in Turkish (translated by Dexerto) that they have been donating Bits with her private details listed in the messages.

The donations are revealing details to all viewers, she said.

“They are sharing my home address and phone number by throwing [translation] Bits because I was talking to those involved in the Bits controversy on my live broadcast,” she said, before turning her attention to Twitch. “What is Twitch planning to do? I’m really nervous [about what they might do].

“I can prevent them in my own chat, but what if they share it [somewhere]?” the Turkish stream queen continued. “What if they come and send it when my broadcast is offline. What if they come to my house?”

The star followed up her Twitch demands with a more targeted message directed at the hackers: “May Allah have mercy on my enemies, because I will not.”

The Turkish Twitch community has been demanding the Amazon-owned platform take wider action for some time now too. Pqueen is just one of many popular streamers leading the #temizTwitch (#cleanTwitch) campaign against the money launderers.

Late last month, Twitch told Middle East Eye, that the platform was “taking efforts to combat and prevent financial fraud on Twitch on a regular basis,” and claimed that “in September alone [Twitch] took action against more than 150 partners in Turkey for abuse of the platform’s monetization tools.”

As of publication, Twitch admins have not responded to Baynazoglu’s more personal calls for help. Dexerto has contacted the Turkish star for further details.

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