This TikToker is using his viral ‘Lightning McQueen’ clip to find a girlfriend

Ninefivegarage with his carTikTok, Instagram: NineFiveGarage

TikToker ‘ninefivegarage’ has created a hilarious boyfriend application after his Lightning McQueen wrapped car gathered the attention of millions in a viral clip. 

TikTok being the go-to place for short-form content is no secret and if the algorithm is on your side, it could change your life with a single video. It offers a wide variety of trends as well as plenty of different one-off viral videos.

With over 247,000 followers on the platform, NineFiveGarage has shown off his custom-wrapped Subaru BRZ that is made to look like the movie character ‘Lightning McQueen’ in just about every video.

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On October 30, the creator uploaded the cartok variation of a viral Taylor Swift dance trend, replacing it with quickly by turning his front wheels back and forth. The video received over 10 million views and over 1.4 million likes, allegedly bringing tons of ladies over to the creator’s page.

NineFiveGarage’s boyfriend application

With just under 300k views on the video at the time of writing, the creator’s boyfriend application may not be considered viral to some just yet. However, he’s definitely shown his ability to take advantage of situations as they’re presented.

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Starting off the video, NineFiveGarage explained what’s happened since its initial viral video: “Here’s what my mega-viral Lightning McQueen TikTok has done to my account demographics.”

He showed screenshots to prove his viral video has changed his account from being 12.6% female to 37%, claiming that his car doing a little dancey-dance accidentally became the bridge between ‘momtok’ and ‘cartok’.

Without wasting any time, the TikTok user introduces himself as Chris before quickly showing off his cat and remote control droid. That’s not all, as he shows off his six Xbox consoles, TVs on every wall, and RGB lighting “absolutely everywhere.”

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He also mentioned that you shouldn’t worry about his cooking ability as he makes up for it by going to Disney World six times a year. After heading downstairs, Chris showed off a complete collection of US released Nintendo 64 games and Lightsabers.

“I may be only 5’9″ but I can be your only nine-five,” he said at the end in one last attempt to garner the attention of the ladies.

The creator has opened up his messages on Instagram for those interested.  You may have to do all the cooking, but at least he has video games.

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