Thai Twitch streamer tells off strangers for making racist remarks toward her

Virginia Glaze

Thai Twitch streamer ‘ppim’ confronted strangers who made racist comments toward her in two separate instances during her travels in Brussels, Belgium.

IRL streams (short for ‘in real life’) are known for capturing some of the internet’s most jaw-dropping moments as they play out in real time.

For instance, several streamers have caught crimes happening in real time — such as when a thief snatched a woman’s purse in Paris — or have even been victims of crimes themselves, like streamer Reydempto, who was chased by a man threatening to “kill” him in a public park.

However, many streamers traveling abroad have also, unfortunately, been victims of racist behavior, shocking their viewers.

Thai streamer ‘ppim’ broadcasts her travels abroad for her viewers – but one of her live streams went awry when strangers made racist remarks toward her.

Thai streamer hits back at racist comments during Brussels trip

Thai streamer ‘ppim’ is one such broadcaster, who sharing her trip in Brussels, Belgium when she was accosted by strangers who made racist remarks to her, saying “Nihao” to her — the Chinese word for, “Hello.”

“I’m not from China,” she explained. “You stop saying ‘Nihao,’ okay? That is very f*cking racist.”

The strangers (who appeared to be possibly inebriated) shot back at her with more racist comments, and another reached out to touch her shoulder while saying, “Nihao.”

“‘Nihao?’ F*ck you, I’m not from China! I’m from Thailand, man!” she shot back. “You [need to get f*cking educated]. Not everyone’s from f*cking China!”

This wouldn’t be the last instance of racism she’d deal with that night, either. When she came into a hotel, ppim was also greeted with a ‘Nihao’ from the front desk clerk.

“Yeah, you can say ‘Hello,’ not ‘Nihao,'” she said to the clerk. “But maybe you should read more about racism. Maybe you should know.”

The clerk seemed to balk at this, saying, “But you look Chinese.” Judging by ppim’s reaction, it appears the clerk motioned to his eyes — something ppim also reminded him was offensive.

This is far from the first time a traveling IRL streamer has endured racist behavior from strangers during their journeys. Recently, a woman’s chess stream went awry after a stranger went off on a racist tirade toward her and even knocked over her camera.

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