IRL Chess stream on Twitch goes wrong as camera gets knocked over before racist tirade

Jeremy Gan
Chess streamer faces troubles during IRL chess stream

An IRL Chess stream by ‘alyssazhu’ went wrong as her camera was knocked over before a racist tirade against one of her opponents while live on Twitch. 

IRL streaming has long been one of Twitch’s most controversial genres, as IRL streams have seen many problems such as swatting, streamers performing sexually explicit acts, and showing abusive acts on camera, just to name a few examples. 

Despite its controversies, many creators want to bring their streams outside of their normal setting, which was what chess streamer Alyssazhu did when she hosted a recent IRL stream in a park. inviting parkgoers to games of chess. 

However, the broadcast faced a few issues, in particular, a passerby intentionally knocked down her camera in the middle of a game, which was eventually followed by a separate racist tirade from another passerby. 

In a clip of her camera being knocked over, we can see Alyssa concentrate on her game of chess as observers around the table eye a person out of the frame. The person would eventually go past the camera and knock it over. 

People off-camera asked why he had knocked over the camera, with Alyssa remaining mostly silent, of which was responded with a flurry of cursing. 

Later into the same stream, another random passerby would racially abuse an opponent of Alyssa’s during a match, seemingly unprompted. 

During a match, noticeably later into the day around sunset, a passerby off camera suddenly approaches Alyssa’s table and hurls a racist tirade upon her opponent.

The person off-camera can be heard saying, “I’m sitting here minding my business, you don’t f***ing think about me you f***ing goof. You f***ing stand there and f***ing vegetate you f***ing n*****.”

It was quite clear the tirade surprised the table, but they just smiled at each other without much thought and continued their game of chess. 

The VOD for the stream was eventually taken down by Alyssa, most likely to avoid getting a community ban due to the racist rant.

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