New York artist racially abuses Twitch streamer for filming him

Virginia Glaze

A Twitch streamer became the victim of a racist tirade after broadcasting herself checking out artwork from a New York street artist who wasn’t happy she was filming him.

IRL streaming is a popular category on Twitch, where streamers broadcast their travels abroad, show off their hangouts with friends, or share other activities in their daily lives outside of their computers.

However, these streams can sometimes include wildly chaotic elements, as it’s difficult to control other people’s behavior and circumstances while out in public… and not everyone likes to be filmed without their consent.

A fair few IRL streamers have, unfortunately, been victims of racist behavior while broadcasting their trips abroad — JinnyTTY being one of them, who fended off racist comments from a stranger while traveling in New York City back in 2021.

Twitch streamer victim of racist rant by New York street artist

Now, Twitch streamer ‘bigcocobuns’ is the latest IRL streamer to get an earful from a racist stranger while broadcasting in New York.

Coco was admiring some artwork from a street artist when he approached her, seemingly upset that she was streaming his work without his permission.

“Why are you over here filming my stuff?” he asked in a viral clip taken from coco’s broadcast.

“I wanted to share it,” she answered.

“Well, look, I didn’t ask you to share my stuff,” the artist shot back. “I didn’t tell you to do this.”

Although coco apologized and offered to let him promote his work, the artist’s complaints quickly became racially charged. “I didn’t ask you to come to America to steal our work,” he said, and went on to call her a “Chinese cockroach.”

Although coco was able to flee the situation without further incident, she was clearly shaken up by the ordeal.

Unfortunately, this is just one of many incidents of Twitch travelers experiencing racist behaviors from strangers, one of which happened when Twitch star ExtraEmily was targeted with racist comments during a stream last year.