Tana Mongeau responds to Jake Paul’s pregnancy claims

Virginia Glaze

YouTube stars Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul tied the knot on July 28 after two months of publicly dating – but their union has already seen its fair share of drama, with pregnancy rumors surrounding the young couple, thanks to Jake Paul, himself.

The Team 10 co-founder stirred up his fanbase after posting a Tweet on September 7 that claimed Tana was pregnant – although, admittedly, many were still skeptical of his statement.

“Tana’s pregnant,” Jake simply wrote – but he didn’t get away with the claim for very long.

Mongeau quickly debunked his post in a Tweet of her own shortly thereafter, writing, “No I’m not.”

This didn’t stop Paul from claiming that she was lying about the ordeal: an idea that some fans also entertained, with one speculating that Tana was upset because Jake had “ruined the surprise.”

“No, he’s just dizzy and wants clout hahahahaha,” she replied – but that wasn’t the end of her thoughts on the subject.

As if to prove that she definitely isn’t pregnant, Tana retweeted another post that read, “My favorite thing about kids is not having any,” commenting, “Omg this!”

Although Jake was the instigator in this case, this wouldn’t be the first time the couple has teased rumors of a pregnancy: YouTube duo “The Caci Twins” similarly pranked the entire Team 10 household with a fake pregnancy test, claiming it came from Tana – which gave the MTV starlet an idea for her own prank video.

Mongeau pranked her then-fiance with another fake pregnancy test after the fact, claiming that she was scared their fans would think the “pregnancy” was the reason for their fast-paced marriage.

“Fuck everyone else, like for real,” Jake replied with tears in his eyes. “This is between us. Fuck what anyone thinks. We did something, and now we have to take responsibility for it.”

Despite their joking posts and hilarious prank videos, it doesn’t look like the couple is interested in having kids anytime soon – making their “family channel” a light hearted joke in light of the rumors.

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