Woman goes viral for faking pregnancy with YouTuber Duke Dennis

Josh Taylor
Duke Dennis Pregnancy TikTokTikTok / Sexyyr3d

A woman has gone viral after she created a fake TikTok post making out as if she had given birth to YouTuber Duke Dennis’s baby.

Twitch streamer and YouTuber Duke Dennis has risen in popularity over the years as part of the creator supergroup AMP.

Despite Kai Cenat being the most successful in the group, Dennis has become a fan favorite in AMP and boasts over 2 million subscribers on YouTube.

Now, a woman has gone viral after she posted a bizarre TikTok montage faking that she had given birth to the creator’s baby.

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Woman created fake pregnancy montage with Duke Dennis

The TikToker shared a sequence of emotional photos in the style of a typical viral pregnancy montage.

“My pregnancy journey, found out I was pregnant sometime in January,” she wrote. It featured a series of photoshopped images of her with Duke Dennis alongside heartfelt music.

It included edited photos of supposed dates, pregnancy tests, ultrasound scans, and even of a baby. “Sept 1/23 we finally had our son Dontavius jr. Dennis,” she had written next to the newborn child.

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Duke Dennis has since confirmed that the TikTok was indeed fake during his stream on October 20 as he watched along and gave his reaction.

“Last month she had the baby and we finally had our son Dontavius jr, ma’am my name isn’t even Dontavius jr,” Dennis responded to the claims.

He went on to say that the false information used in the TikTok came from the YouTube video series “Before I Was Famous,” which he stated was “all wrong.”

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At the time of writing, the TikToker has not responded or made any further videos surrounding the situation.

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