Tana Mongeau opens up on marriage to Jake Paul following cheating rumors

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YouTube stars Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul “unofficially” tied the knot in late July, after just two months of dating – but rumors of infidelity are already putting the couple in a tough spot.

Shortly after their highly-publicized marriage, Paul was spotted grabbing lunch with ex-girlfriend Erika Costell – a fact that Mongeau only found out about via Twitter, resulting in a few passive-aggressive Twitter and Instagram posts on the subject.

However, it doesn’t look like things are actually over for the social media celebs, with Mongeau giving a hopeful update to her marriage on the VMA’s red carpet on August 26.

KEEMSTAR, TwitterJake Paul was spotted grabbing lunch with ex-girlfriend Erika Costell – and wife Tana Mongeau didn’t seem too happy about finding out via social media.

Celebrity news outlet Hollywood Life questioned MTV’s “Tana Turns 21” star on her marriage to Paul, which she claimed was much the same as before they said “I do.”

“Everyone keeps asking that, and I wish I had some juicy answer, but it’s kinda just the same,” Mongeau answered. “You know? Now we just have a fancy title – oh, titles, man, those things are crazy! Yeah, everything’s good.”

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That’s not all: Mongeau also encouraged Paul in his ongoing beef with YouTuber Fouseytube, who challenged the Team 10 lead to a potential boxing match on the KSI vs Logan Paul rematch undercard in November.

“Go Jake, go daddy, win that fight for sure if it’s a thing,” she said of the feud, even getting the crowd behind her to chant “Daddy’s rich!” in reference to her relationship with Paul.

Mongeau’s latest statement on her wedding with Paul follows her wedding day “get ready with me” video in early August, where she admitted that her marriage to Jake wasn’t exactly legal.

“…I wanted to not do it legally,” she admitted in response to claims of “faking” their marriage. “Any wedding I have, if I have three more fucking weddings, I really wouldn’t want to do it on paper because I think that legally binding yourself to someone takes away the love.”

Despite the murky legal status of their union and Jake’s surprise meetup with Erika, it looks like things are hunky dory for the newlyweds – regardless of the drama.

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