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Andy Milonakis catches alleged phone theft live on Twitch stream

Published: 27/Aug/2019 11:45

by Connor Bennett


Twitch IRL streamer Andy Milonakis caught a bizarre situation unfolding during his livestream, as one man accused a woman of stealing his phone – prompting the police to get involved.

The rise of IRL [in-real-life] streaming on both Twitch and YouTube allows streamers to broadcast their lives in any way possible. They can choose to do their own ‘Big Brother’ style show with everything from their home being showcased, or keep it simple by sticking to streaming when on an adventure.

One popular streamer in the genre is Andy Milonakis, who has amassed over 400,000 followers on the streaming platform. He regularly streams his everyday life, but even he couldn’t have predicted that he was going to walk into an apparent phone theft situation while on vacation.


Twitter:Andy MilonakisAndy Milonakis is one of Twitch’s most popular IRL streamers.

During his August 26 broadcast, the popular IRL streamer had been walking the streets of Greece, when he stumbled onto a quiet street that had its tranquility interrupted by a loud shout match. A man in a black shirt called out: “She stole my phone!” prompting the streamer to change direction and catch the action.

He walked towards the man and the accused phone thief and watched their argument unfold. As the pair went back and forth, and threats of calls to the police were made, Andy simply stood in silence and continued to watch. 

While he had been recording the argument at first, he moved the camera away, and pointed it directly at himself – with viewers only being left with the option to listen to the dispute.


After leaving the situation alone, the streamer returned to same area later in this stream where he was spotted by fans of other IRL broadcasters.

As he chatted with them and took photos, members of chat noticed that the police had turned up behind him and were deep into conversation with the police involved in the apparent theft.

Sadly for any viewer that was deeply invested in the outcome, Andy walked away once again and didn’t catch the conclusion – leaving them hanging on the edge of their seats.