Tana Mongeau dropped by sponsor after saying she wanted wine expert “dead”

Virginia Glaze

YouTube star Tana Mongeau has been officially dropped by one of her sponsors for claiming she wanted a wine expert ‘dead’ after her tour in France didn’t go to plan.

Popular YouTuber Tana Mongeau came under fire earlier this month after regaling viewers with the story of her experience on a wine tour in France.

According to Mongeau, the tour involved much more walking than she’d originally thought, and as she was hungover from drinking until 6 AM that morning, wanted an easygoing and “fun” tour instead of the “educational” experience she received.

Mongeau claimed there was no food available on the train as they traveled to their destination and even put in her headphones to snooze before her guide tapped her on the shoulder to educate her about champagne during their trip.

Tana Mongeau Trash Hawaii Allegations
Tana Mongeau is a popular YouTuber who is best known for her over-the-top storytime videos.

The YouTuber wasn’t happy with this and eventually decided to return to Paris instead of moving forward with the rest of the tour. Mongeau expressed her exasperation over the ordeal on an episode of her podcast, aptly called ‘CANCELLED,’ after which she received a slew of criticism from viewers.

This criticism was in part due to the fact that the tour guide became the target of online harassment, who claimed in an interview with NBC, that she’d even received death threats due to the ordeal, which she reported to authorities.

Mongeau even said “literally, I absolutely want her dead, by the hands of me” during the episode. On top of this, she also used an ad read for one of her sponsors, language-learning service ‘Babbel,’ as a means to insult the guide.

“With Babbel I could have told Cynthia the wine tour lady to shut the f**k up in her native language,” she said.

Tana Mongeau dropped by Babel after saying she wants tour guide “dead”

Babbel has since publicly distanced themselves from Mongeau, as told in a statement to NBC.

“This absolutely does not align with Babbel’s company values,” Babbel’s public relations lead Matt Horsburgh said. “Highlighted here, Tana is obviously not a person who understands or celebrates the differences in cultures and we regret to be in any way involved with her.”

Tana has since removed the discussion of her wine tour from her podcast episode.

Tana has yet to offer a response to the ongoing outrage against her at the time of writing — but this isn’t the only criticism she’s been facing lately.

The YouTuber also came under scrutiny after telling former Miss Brazil Duda Castro to “die” after the two got into a feud in DMs in July, and judging by her recent podcast episode, Tana still isn’t warm on Castro after their spat.

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