Tana Mongeau under fire for telling Miss Brazil Duda Castro to “die”

Virginia Glaze

YouTube star Tana Mongeau is getting dragged on social media after starting a feud with former Miss Brazil and Playboy model Duda Castro, telling the pageant winner to “die.”

Tana Mongeau is a popular YouTuber who is best known for her vlogs and wild storytime videos, where she regales her viewers with hilarious stories about her inebriated outings and friendships with other stars.

Although Tana is known for getting into the occasional spot of drama or two, the vlogger is now coming under fire from all sides after her beef with former Miss Brazil and Playboy model, Duda Castro, took over social media.

Tana Mongeau under fire for flirting with Duda Castro’s boyfriend, Jon Dretto

The incident began after Tana Mongeau slid into the DMs of viral guitarist Jon Dretto. In a series of screenshots posted by Jon on Instagram, Tana wrote: “God sent me here.”

Dretto swiftly replied: “I’m sending you back to God, first-class mail. Don’t you know my girlfriend?”

It turns out that Castro and Dretto are dating, and Mongeau was apparently aware of this, as Dretto also posted a photo of the two girls posing together in another screenshot via his Instagram stories.

Jon Dretto put Tana Mongeau on blast for flirting with him despite apparently knowing he had a girlfriend.

Castro was quick to write up a lengthy statement after Dretto put his screenshots on Insta, saying that Tana clearly knows her from past interactions and that she is “not a fan” of Tana, whatsoever.

That’s not all; she also brought up Tana’s short-lived ‘marriage’ with YouTube-boxer Jake Paul, claiming that Tana acted insecurely during their relationship because Castro was “traveling with [Jake] and his family” and “filming content” with him.

Castro ended her spiel by posting a screenshot of a conversation she’d had with Mongeau on Instagram.

duda-castro-tana-mongeau-instagram-feud copy
Duda Castro hit out at Tana Mongeau in a series of posts via her Instagram Stories.

“This is the most embarrassing sh*t I’ve ever seen, lmao,” Tana allegedly wrote in response to Castro’s story. “It’s sad to see that someone can’t realize they started a problem. Like, you’re so above this and the victim. Omg girl, I’m so sorry! Hahaha die!”

Screenshots captured by popular Instagram page TeaTokTalk show that Mongeau told Castro to “die.”

Castro made sure to emphasize that Tana had purportedly told her to “die” in another Instagram stories post — prompting Tana to go on a tirade against Castro in a now-deleted video on TikTok.

Duda responded to Tana’s TikTok in a series of comments, where she accused the YouTuber of doing drugs and “f*cking anything that walks.”

“Let’s tell the truth about Jake,” Duda ended her comments. “I bet you won’t.”

Castro hit back at Tana Mongeau in a series of now-deleted comments.

As a result of this unexpected feud, commenters are hitting out at Tana, taking issue with the YouTuber hitting on a taken man and telling Castro to go “die.” Many are also expecting her to speak out about the matter on an upcoming episode of her ‘Cancelled’ podcast.

It was long thought that Tana and Jake merely married as a prank to their fans — and while the legality of their nuptials remains in question, their romantic relationship was apparently very real, and left Mongeau feeling “miserable” by the end.