Tana Mongeau under fire amid accusations of trying to get tour guide fired

Tana Mongeau wearing a black sweatshirt and hatYouTube: Cancelled by Tana Mongeau

Influencer Tana Mongeau has found herself embroiled in controversy and received backlash, with critics accusing her of trying to get a tour guide fired for a wine tour that she went on.

Tana is known for her YouTube videos as she shared “storytime” with her fans and often finds her name in the headlines for her comments, be it her Sidemen prank controversy or getting backlash for telling Miss Brazil to “die”.

The influencer’s latest debate involves her being accused of getting a tour guide fired after visiting a winery and having a bad experience.

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In her latest episode of the Cancelled by Tana Mongeau podcast, titled, ‘Tana got in a fist fight in France,’ the influencer talks about the experience that triggered her.

Tana talks about negative experience at tour

She started her story by telling the co-host, Brooke, that she and her group of friends booked a wine tour.

After booking the tour, Tana realized that they would have to be at a train station by 8 AM.

She shared that they went out the previous night and came back at 6 AM and were told they would have to switch Airbnbs before the tour began.

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Tana added that after doing that, they met their tour guide Cynthia at the train station, and things started to go wrong.

The podcast host believed the sole reason for her negative experience at the winery was because of her.

She went on to tell her story of having been told to walk 4-6 miles and climb a flight of stairs on the tour. This did not go down well with her as she decided to leave the tour, saying “It’s not for me.”

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The influencer claimed that she asked for a fun tour but received an educational one instead adding that the guide came back to their Airbnb with them. The podcast host claimed she was making sarcastic comments that were not appreciated.

Tana expressed her frustration at being stuck at the place with the tour guide and called her a “teacher” multiple times as the co-host called her a “whore.”

The influencer even revealed the exact company that she works for and warned fans to not ask for the guide that they had.

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Internet slams Tana for her comments

Viewers, however, did not agree with Tana as she received backlash for naming the tour guide but not her own friends and was blamed for trying to get her fired.

A user commented sarcastically, “How dare a wine-tasting lady discuss wine on a tour. Maybe it’s Cynthia’s (tour guide) fault, you stayed up all night knowing you had to be there at 8 am. How dare they?”

Tana chose to respond to the comment as she explained that it was more about the rude comments and signing them up for a different tour without consent as well as getting in their Airbnbs and disrespecting them.

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She wrote, “It was tens of thousands of dollars. Unprofessionalism at its finest.”

The situation was reposted on Instagram by TeaTokTalk and the comments section disagreed with Tana’s behavior. One user said “Why does she still have a platform…,” while another said, “Screw both her and her co-host. Racist a** scumbags.”

Another wrote, “You put her and her company on blast to your fans who are now harassing her. And you’re not even sorry.” Some even accused her of trying to get the guide fired by revealing her name and company.

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