Tana Mongeau ‘considering’ getting back with Jake Paul after boxing win

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YouTuber and MTV starlet Tana Mongeau notably parted ways with ex-hubby Jake Paul in late 2019 — but it seems that his boxing win against opponent AnEsonGib is sparking some reconsideration regarding their breakup.

After releasing a video admitting that she was “unhappy” with how their relationship was perceived by the public, Mongeau and Paul ultimately split up, breaking the news in two separate Instagram posts.

Despite their highly-publicized parting, “TanaMojo” turned up to support her ex-spouse on fight night — and teased a potential rekindling of their romance, in the process.

Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul’s fast-paced relationship took a turn in late 2019, with the two ultimately parting ways.

In an Instagram story uploaded during the fight’s afterparty, Mongeau asked fans if she should get back together with an unnamed person (although it’s fairly clear she’s talking about Paul), writing, “Should I get back with him?”

At the time of writing, her poll is in favor of kicking the Team 10 founder to the curb, with 55% of voters choosing “no” and 45% picking “yes.”

Tana Mongeau’s Instagram poll has fans wondering if she’s considering taking Paul back.

This isn’t the first time she’s hinted that their relationship may not be in the bin, either: she notably dubbed their split a “break” during an interview with Hollywood Life, revealing that they are “still talking, chilling. Living life. I don’t know, you know — figuring it out.”

While it might seem that her tumultuous career and social media were the biggest players in their parting, it seems that Jake’s fight was also a massive factor in the breakup, as told during DAZN’s pre-fight show on January 30.

Mongeau made a guest appearance on the segment to discuss her support for the youngest Paul brother, appearing to admit that she’d “let him go” to pursue “the boxing bug.”

“Watching Jake kind of detach and go into it… when you love someone so much, you don’t wanna be the person holding them back,” she explained. “If they’re really passionate about something, sometimes it is better to let someone go for something like that.”

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However, Paul notably admitted to entertaining a new romance during an episode of Mike Majlak’s Night Shift, claiming that he preferred their “off camera” relationship to the public status of he and Tana’s fast-pace marriage.

With his first round TKO now in the books, it seems like he may have enough free time to rekindle things with his ex-spouse — but his revenge match against KSI might put his love life on hold for another few months.

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