KSI explains what would be different about third Logan Paul boxing match

. 2 years ago
KSI and Logan Paul
L: KSI - YouTube R: Logan Paul - YouTube

KSI and Logan Paul met up after the Jake Paul and AnEsonGib fight to discuss details of a potential third match.

Jake defeated AnEsonGib in the first round in a fight where he had control from the minute it started. Quickly after that match wrapped up, eyes flew over to Logan and KSI’s possible rematch.

In an after-match interview, Logan explained that he hasn’t seen KSI since their high-profile bout, but it didn’t take long for them to be reunited after that comment.

KSI, YouTube
KSI and Logan Paul haven’t seen each other since their fight.

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The pair came face-to-face in the post-game show and KSI talked about how the third match between the duo would end up being different from the previous two.

When asked if they would ever fight again, the British YouTuber explained to Logan what he’d do differently.

“I’d say I’d rush you a lot more, I kind of took my time too much,” he started. “Obviously, I was just trying to, you know, I was just trying to aim for your chest alone because I knew your head wasn’t going to be there.”

(Segment begins at 4:20 mark for mobile users)

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Unlike Jake’s fight, Logan and KSI were able to go the distance, despite Paul saying he planned on knocking him out.

When the American YouTuber was asked about what he’d do differently in a rematch, he said he’s not in a fighting state right now, but did go into some detail.

“It’s so interesting because I’m not, in like, fight mode,” he began. “I’m in like, I’m kind of just want to live my life, make the best content, be as happy as I possibly can. But, like, to be honest, if I was fighting KSI again I know I’d win and I think you know that too.”

TheBreadBatch, Instagram
The KSI vs Logan Paul rematch happened November 9, 2019.

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Those are some big words to say, especially considering he hasn’t won either of the previous fights. If the demand remains high for the two to fight again, it’ll be hard for them to ignore for long.

For the time being, there are no plans for a third match, but all of that can change in a blink of an eye.

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