Tana Mongeau calls Jake Paul an “asshole” over Erika Costell tattoo

. 3 years ago
Jake Paul, Erika Costell - YouTube

While controversial YouTubers Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau appeared to have cropped up a sudden romance, things aren’t all sunshine and roses between the two, as evidenced by a certain tattoo Paul received during a previous relationship.

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Paul uploaded a vlog on May 28, in which he and Mongeau decided to get matching tattoos – an idea that didn’t turn out all too well for Paul, in the end.

After running through a series of ideas (which included everything from the Social Blade logo to the titles of Shane Dawson’s documentary series over each YouTuber), the couple decided on tally marks to represent how many weeks they’d been together.

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Jake Paul, Instagram
Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau stirred up a highly-publicized romance, after fans speculated that the two were secretly seeing each other.600https://www.instagram.com/p/BxI46KmnXXX/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

After getting their seven-week milestone tatted on his upper thigh, Paul noticed that the symbol was right next to his tattoo in commemoration of ex-girlfriend Erika Costell – a fact that appeared to set Tana on edge, after Jake assured her that he would cover it up.

“Your matching tattoo with me is inches from your matching tattoo with your ex-girlfriend,” Tana exclaimed. “…Fuck you. Fuck you. You are such a fucking asshole. …as I’m sitting down to get a fucking matching tattoo with you, you’re gonna tell me that you’re covering your tattoo with Erika. You’re crazy!”

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Tana eventually settled down from her tirade and got the tattoo, with the lovebirds now sporting a physical commemoration of their romance – despite Paul’s artwork in memory of his relationship with Costell.

Paul’s romance with Mongeau follows his highly-publicized breakup with Costell, which took place following the release of Shane Dawson’s documentary series, “The Mind of Jake Paul.”

Jake Paul, Instagram
Jake Paul split with longtime girlfriend Erika Costell in November 2018, after the two reportedly had a “toxic relationship” that ended in multiple breakups beforehand.600

While Costell was notably silent on the subject, Paul claimed that the two shared a “toxic” relationship, alleging that they “knew how to hurt each other” and would break up often in the months leading up to their official split in November 2018.

Paul discussed the debacle during his now-defunct “Jake Paul Uncut” series and in many subsequent videos, even going on to create a track titled “I’m Single” in response to their breakup.

However, it appears that Paul has finally gotten over his old flame, with Mongeau even taking over his Twitter account in light of their newfound relationship, following rumors of their involvement across social media.

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