Talia Mar mocks “gross” Twitch viewers over her most-viewed clips

Calum Patterson

Talia Mar, a British singer, YouTuber, and streamer, has been growing quickly in popularity on Twitch in 2020, almost doubling her follower count in the last three months of the year. But, some of her most popular clips appear to be viral for all the wrong reasons – something she’s now called out.

Clipping is one of Twitch’s best features – it allows viewers to create short recordings of up to a minute, capturing whatever just happened on the stream.

These clips are then easily shareable on other social media, embedded online, or can be downloaded for use in other content. But, it’s also available to be abused, as it often is, with viewers clipping moments out of context, or capturing a mistake that the streamer likely regrets.

Because of this, Twitch introduced the ability for streamers to disable clips on their channel in 2020 – something many argue was well overdue. And, it’s something Talia Mar may now be considering, after she checked out her most popular clips ever.

Talia Mar streaming on Twitch
Talia gained popularity on YouTube, but is now gaining fast on Twitch too.

On her December 26 livestream, Mar was just relaxing and chatting with her viewers when she checked out one of her old clips.

Scrolling down, the singer came across a bunch of other clips from her channel, some 7 or 8 months old. These clips were among the most viewed ever on her account, and so, intrigued, Mar picked out a couple to watch.

But, it didn’t take long for her to realize that these particular clips were nothing more than her standing up from her chair, as viewers clipped them to ogle her. “This is just me getting up… ugh, I hate boys. Boys are gross. This was clipped just because I- look at me. Disgusting!”

“Why is that my second most-viewed clip?” she asked, bemused. Then, watching another clip, this time with 11,000 views, she realized “Oh my god, was that clipped just because of my boobs? Oh my god, Talia, no! Why are my top clips…oh, being a woman.”

Afterward, Talia opted to delete both clips, to prevent them from racking up any more views. The streamer has now disabled the option to clip her content from streams or VODs, which should hopefully prevent any more of these clips spreading around.

And Talia Mar is far from the first streamer to encounter this problem. Most prominently, Pokimane, the most-followed female streamer on Twitch, has hit out at clippers reuploading her clips to YouTube, often alongside “gross” titles and thumbnails.

These issues are certainly part of the reason why Twitch has now given broadcasters the option to disable clipping altogether, something many have taken advantage of, including Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, the most followed streamer on the platform. Amouranth, the second-most followed female streamer, has also disabled the clipping function on her VODs.

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