Pokimane hits out at “gross” re-uploads of her Twitch streams

Pokimane apologisesYT: Pokimane

Streaming giant Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys has hit out at people using “gross and inappropriate” thumbnails and titles when re-uploading her Twitch streams to other platforms.

Pokimane has had to put up with her streams being re-uploaded for some time now. It has previously led to controversies, particularly surrounding her own ability to copy-strike re-uploads of her own streams. She even clashed with YouTube King PewDiePie about her ability to strike re-uploads of her Twitch content. 

However, the ongoing DMCA issues on Twitch mean re-uploading content to other platforms is the only way to ensure it’s not being lost forever. Obviously, this brings it own issues with it, with platforms like YouTube also known for ambiguous copyright ruling and strikes.

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Twitch has been under fire for not doing enough to protect its streamers from seemingly arbitrary DMCA strikes.

Pokimane, as one of the world’s biggest content creators on Twitch, has seen many of her past VODs uploaded to other platforms. While she has confirmed she has no issue with this, she has hit out at a portion of her followers who re-upload them and manipulate thumbnails or titles to portray her in a “gross and inappropriate” manner.

“[I’ve] seen a lotta people re-upload my clips/VODs to YouTube,” she tweeted, on October 30. “I don’t mind but please don’t use gross and inappropriate titles and thumbnails. It’s my content after all, and it makes me uncomfortable to see it used that way… thank you to anyone who respects my wishes!”

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Unfortunately, it’s something that’s all too common for Poki as the most-followed female streamer on Twitch. She has spoken in the past about uncomfortable encounters with fans, even to the point of forcing her to hire a personal bodyguard for community events.

Reuploading her content with suggestive thumbnails and titles has been a constant battle for Anys, and one she’s still trying to fight.