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Sleeping streamer breaks into the top 10 most watched Twitch clips

Published: 28/Jan/2019 14:53 Updated: 28/Jan/2019 15:30

by Connor Bennett


A clip of a Twitch streamer who fell asleep on stream and woke up to discover hundreds of people watching him has skyrocketed into the top ten most viewed clips of all time.

The bizarre clip, which was shared on January 27, shows streamer JesseDStreams, who is used to only seeing a handful of people in his channel, waking up to find that hundreds of people have been watching him during his slumber.

His priceless reaction, as he realized what was going on, has shot the clip up the most watched charts and, as of writing, has already garnered close to 1.7 million views – enough to help guide the clip into seventh-place on the top-ten list.

According to Twitch Strike, a tracking website that covers the hugely popular streaming platform, a clip of Guy ‘Dr DisRespect’ Beahm still holds the crown for the top viewed stream highlight.

The clip, which shows The Doc abruptly stopping his stream after a passerby had fired shots at an upstairs window of his house, causing it to break was posted on  September 11 2018, and immediately went viral due to its shocking nature and just how passionately Dr DisRespect reacted to the situation.

The current list of clips is home to a number of different types of clips – including Dr DisRespect, JesseDStreams sleeping and Mark Zuckerberg answering questions before Congress.

With the wide variety of things being broadcast on Twitch at any one moment, a clip like the ‘sleeping streamer’ is always on the horizon and ready to break into the top 10 list.


PewDiePie mortified after fans dig up embarrassing story from years ago

Published: 25/Nov/2020 0:04 Updated: 25/Nov/2020 0:06

by Brent Koepp


Popular YouTuber Felix ‘PewDiePie’ Kjellberg was jokingly trolled by fans after they made memes about an embarrassing story he revealed in an interview from years ago.

PewDiePie may be known today as the most popular YouTuber in the world with over 107 million subscribers to his channel. However, in 2010, he was virtually unknown as he was learning to make content while in Sweden.

During his latest upload, a story from Kjellberg’s past came back to haunt him. The star reacted to fans creating memes about an embarrassing shower incident that he revealed in a video he posted a couple years back.

YouTuber PewDiePie with his hands over his face.
YouTube: PewDiePie
The Swedish YouTuber joked that he regrets telling fans the embarrassing story years ago.

PewDiePie fans dig up hilarious story from his past

During the November 23 episode of Last Week I Asked You, the Swede reacted to fans making memes about a story he had revealed in 2017. “If you are confused by this, don’t ask. Because I’m not saying it again,” the 31-year-old laughed.

When more viewers continued to make jokes about the embarrassing incident, the star exclaimed, “Why did I share this story?! Stop it! I had no choice. I do not control my anus!”

For those baffled by what he is talking about, fans are referencing a story the YouTuber explained in a previous upload from three years ago. When Kjellberg was younger, he got violently sick, and had to go to the bathroom in a shower at a harbor in Sweden.

(Topic starts at 09:51)

The embarrassing incident was revealed by the content creator in an in-depth interview he did with his friend in 2017. In the one-hour video, Pewds went over his entire life story and included his triumphs and failures – including the infamous shower story.

“I had eaten something weird that night. I felt it a few hours later [after eating] at the party. And I’m like I need to s**t right now, or else I’m going to s**t myself in front of everybody. So I ran. It was that state of emergency!” he said.

Unfortunately when he reached the public bathroom, there was a massive line of people out the door. “So I told them, “Guys, this is an emergency I need to go!” … But no one would listen to me. So I ran in [to the restroom] anyways and I found a toilet. But it was a shower. So I took a s**t in the shower.”

(Topic starts at 14:21)

Hilariously, the entertainer when on to explain that he eventually got a job at the same harbor, and the bathroom incident had became a legend with employees. “I got a job at that very harbor, and they would always tell the story about the man that took a s**t in the shower,” he laughed.

Despite the story being known for a few years now, fans of the content creator have recently been digging it up to make memes. If nothing else, the hilarious tale is a good example of “if you have to go, you have to go.” Kjellberg’s fans, of course, are only teasing him out of love.