Sykkuno responds to fan calls for boxing fight with Disguised Toast

Connor Bennett
Sykkuno and Disguised Toast side-by-side with microphones

Streaming star Sykkuno says it’d be “cool” to get involved with a boxing event of his own, however, he’s got some reservations about who he’d fight after fans suggested he take on his pal Disguised Toast.

Influencers and internet stars stepping into the boxing ring is nothing particularly new, it’s been an internet phenomenon for a few years after all. However, the whole thing has gone up a few notches in recent months.

Events like YouTubers vs TikTokers, Showstar’s UK vs USA, and iDubbbz’s Creator Clash have reinvigorated interest in influencer boxing, and plenty of creators have registered their interest in getting involved with an event down the line.

That, pretty surprisingly, includes Sykkuno. The streaming star, who recently ditched Twitch for YouTube, believes it would be “cool” to step into the ring, but he isn’t sure about the suggestion from his fans to fight his good friend Disguised Toast.

Doctor Mike wins creator clash
iDubbbz’s Creator Clash has got influencers interested in boxing again.

Like many, Sykkuno watched iDubbbz’s Creator Clash on May 14, and gave his take on things when he booted up his stream a day later. The streamer praised the fighters for getting involved, and one fan quickly suggested that he fight Disguised Toast on an event headlined by OfflineTV.

“Sykk vs Toast? Here is the problem guys, here’s what I’m thinking. I think it’d be cool, I feel like it’d be spicier to go against your friends but at the same time, do you really want to be in a situation where you either beat up your friend or you get beaten up?” the streamer replied.

“If I did it, hopefully, it would be someone I don’t know that well,” he added, noting that it would be “weird” wanting to fight your friend because someone is getting hurt at the end of the day.

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Other viewers joked that Sykkuno should fight his other friends, including Valkyrae, but he noted that himself and Toast would at least be an even contest.

Whether or not it will actually happen remains to be seen, but an OfflineTV-centred boxing event would certainly be a huge spectacle.