Sykkuno explains why xQc is Twitch’s number one streamer

Sykkuno xQc Twitch StreamersTwitch: Sykkuno / xQc

Twitch star Sykkuno has explained why he believes xQc is the number one streamer on all of Twitch, despite being far behind some of the platform’s biggest creators. 

There are plenty of ways to define the number one streamer on Twitch – be it the most viewers or most subscribers but arguably the most simple is the streamer with the most followers on the entire platform.

Currently that title belongs to Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins, whose Fortnite talent has seen him accrue over 17 million followers.

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However, plenty of viewers will have their own favorites, regardless of follower or subscriber count.

Ninja with blue hair talking to camera on streamTwitch: Ninja
Ninja is the most followed streamer on Twitch, following his return from Mixer.

Sykkuno, with just shy of 4 million followers, is probably top of many viewer’s lists. However, on November 12, he revealed his pick for the number one streamer on the platform is Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel.

“Hottest take I’ve ever given,” he said, “but I’m just gonna say it guys. I know according to the official thing X isn’t number one, but in my opinion, he’s the number one streamer.”

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xQc is an immensely popular streamer, with over 9 million followers. While this puts him at just over half of Ninja’s count, his fiery gaming attitude sees him regularly attract the most viewers on the platform.

Explaining his comments, Sykkuno said: “That’s just my opinion though. No discredit to the actual number one, but xQc is a legit streamer’s streamer. He’s what you think of when you think of a streamer. Just a dude playing games and sharing it with people who wanna watch. No fancy gizmos, no crazy stuff… He’s just a guy playing games and sharing it with people. I think that’s the ideal streamer.”

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Another aspect of xQc’s broadcasts that attract viewers are his versatility and willingness to play anything.

From the classics like NoPixel’s GTA RP (from which he’s been banned five times and counting) to bizarre and infuriating Squid Game custom modes, anything he touches turns to entertainment.

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