Sweet Anita blasts airline companies over “horrible” Tourette’s accommodations

Virginia Glaze

Twitch star Sweet Anita is putting airline companies on blast due to their “horrible” accommodations for her Tourette’s Syndrome.

‘Sweet Anita’ is a prominent streamer on Twitch who is open about educating her viewers about her severe Tourette’s Syndrome.

Anita is known for her humorous live streams and the hilarious hijinks that ensue thanks to her condition, embracing the awkwardness and using the opportunity to spread awareness about Tourette’s.

While Anita has gained widespread acclaim online, her condition can make public appearances quite difficult — and air travel is one such instance that can be downright dangerous for her.

Sweet Anita Tourette's Twitch star
Anita has always been candid about her struggles as a disabled content creator.

Sweet Anita blasts “horrible” airline companies in scathing post

On February 8, Anita penned a lengthy post on Twitter/X, where she blasted airline companies for their “gut-wrenchingly horrible” accommodations, or lack thereof, for her particular disability.

Anita provided several examples of airlines refusing to accommodate her, claiming that a disability support worker at Heathrow Airport asked her to prove her disability before helping her. The streamer also claimed that workers at both New York and LA airports “wouldn’t help me unless I sat in a wheelchair” — but when she said she didn’t need one, was told they would leave her “stranded.”

“Nobody understands what I need help with even if I explain over and over again,” she wrote. “It’s gotten to the point where I dread flying. I have to pay double because I have to bring a male with me, because disability support believes me and doesn’t make me prove anything if a man backs me up which is insane. I also need safety in numbers in case I get refused support and get attacked due to a tic.”

When a fan asked what sorts of accommodations she needs due to her condition, Anita explained that she cannot queue up for boarding and needs “someone official” with her to go through security, as her tics could cause her to blurt out things that might cause her to get detained.

“Normally I need a disability support worker to take me past the queues and explain what’s going on to the security staff at certain stages. I may not be able to explain myself in time before there are consequences,” she said.

This isn’t the first time Anita has been outspoken about issues involving both herself and other people. In the past, Anita has blasted the damage caused by AI deepfakes toward female streamers and demanded increased security at events like TwitchCon to protect broadcasters.

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