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Dr Disrespect reportedly isn’t joining YouTube despite Twitter tease

Published: 14/Jul/2020 3:40 Updated: 15/Jul/2020 9:35

by Isaac McIntyre


There’s still plenty of question marks over Dr Disrespect and his shock Twitch ban on June 26, as well as where the Two-Time might land next. One possible switch for the streamer can be ruled out though; he “definitely” won’t be joining YouTube, according to gaming insider Slasher.

Rumors have been swirling around the Doc’s ban story for two weeks now. Most recently, eyes have been on YouTube, and the Twitch star’s possible switch there, after Dr Disrespect ⁠— a streaming character created by game dev Guy Beahm all the way back in ⁠2010 ⁠— finally edited his Twitter bio in what many believe was a subtle tease. He moved his YouTube channel URL into the feature spot.

Dr Disrespect won’t be joining YouTube on any kind of exclusive deal, however. That’s according to gaming insider Rod ‘Slasher’ Breslau, who spoke about the Doc situation during a Twitch co-stream with platform star Hasan Piker.

Dr Disrespect Twitch ban
Instagram: @drdisrespect / Twitch
Twitch banned streaming superstar Dr Disrespect on June 26.

“No one is talking to Dr Disrespect. YouTube is not talking to Dr Disrespect, that discussion [on joining]… I can confirm that has not happened,” Breslau said during Piker’s broadcast on July 13. The insider also added he had heard YouTube already “feels like it’s in a pretty good position [with who they’ve signed].”

Breslau also confirmed the Doc’s disappearance is “not a platform move”. Instead, it’s a ban relating to a “severe criminal elements,” in Piker’s words. At the time of publication, however, there are no registered criminal arrests for Herschel Beahm.

Unfortunately, ruling out possible platform deals for the Doc doesn’t put anyone any closer to understanding the situation as a whole. Beahm seems to have kept relatively quiet in the last two weeks too; fellow streamer TimTheTatman said he “hasn’t heard from him” recently.

Tim did weigh in, however, on the alleged Dr Disrespect donation on NICKMERCS’ stream on July 5. According to reports from Aussie gossip site Sausage Roll, the Doc donated $50USD to say he was a “scapegoat” for Twitch.

“It scares me that some of you are so stupid that you think Doc donated that to Nick. That’s scary to me, because I’m really dumb, right? But I’m not that stupid!” TimTheTatman said on the alleged donation.

“That scares me, because it’s like… it’s alarming. Just so you understand, you can donate to Nick under any name. I could donate [pretending to be] the Doc! I could go on and pretend to be Symfuhny and say whatever I want! So stupid.”

With YouTube out of the picture, the Doc’s options seem to be getting slimmer. There were rumors he had penciled in a licensing agreement with Facebook Gaming, based on a ‘leaked’ contract document, but they have been ruled as fake.

Others have pointed to Swedish music platform Spotify, who is reportedly in the process of setting up their own streaming service.

Those rumors sparked to life after fans uncovered an old clip of Dr Disrespect admitting he had met with Joe Rogan’s producer Jaime Vernon just days after the podcaster signed a multi-million deal with Spotify.

Dr Disrespect during his final Twitch stream on June 25.
Twitch: Dr Disrespect
Dr Disrespect during the final moments of his last stream on June 25.

For now, fans are just going to have to sit tight. The Dr Disrespect ban saga doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. We’re just about to hit day 18 without any news from Beahm as well. For all your updates, stick with Dexerto; we’ll cover each development on the Doc ban story as it happens.


Marvel reassembles with Team Liquid for esports apparel until 2022

Published: 23/Oct/2020 21:33

by Adam Fitch


Entertainment giant Marvel and Team Liquid have renewed their partnership and released a new collection to celebrate.

Over a year on from the initial announcement of Team Liquid helping Marvel enter the esports industry, the collaboration has now been extended for another year.

Now lasting through to 2022, the partnership’s renewal has been commemorated with the release of retro-themed hoodies, sweatpants, shorts, and t-shirts.

The collection features 8-bit interpretations of Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, and Thor alongside Team Liquid branding. They collaborated with artist Pixel Jeff on the limited apparel range.

Marvel Team Liquid Retro Collection
Team Liquid
Marvel and Team Liquid have released a collection with retro designs.

Since entering the industry with Team Liquid in June 2019, Marvel have released a number of collaborative clothing lines with the org including both esports-focused designs and more casual, streetwear items.

It’s said that original content will be a component of the extended partnership, though no specific plans have been unveiled at the time of writing.

More co-branded merchandise and apparel will come from Team Liquid and Marvel. So far, they’ve used designs of The Avengers, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Captain America, Black Widow, X-Men, The Hulk, and Thor.

“We’re excited to continue our team-up with Marvel,” said Team Liquid owner Steve Arhancet. “Both of our brands are built around compelling narratives: heroes, rivalries, triumph and even, overcoming hardships. And, there’s so many more stories for us to tell together through custom apparel, original content and other fan offerings.”

Marvel, who are owned by The Walt Disney Company, also partnered with Australian organization The Chiefs in a two-year deal, which was announced in February this year.

The extension with Team Liquid shows that the company are serious about esports after successfully completing their first year in the industry, and that can only be a good sign for the future.