Summit1g slams GTA RP’s “crazy” stream sniping issues

Matt Porter

Grand Theft Auto V’s RP mod remains a popular trend on Twitch, but for Jaryd ‘summit1g’ Lazar stream snipers are turning the whole experience sour.

Summit1g is one of Twitch’s biggest streamers with almost four million followers, and has dipped in and out of GTA RP since it returned to the forefront of the streaming platform in 2019.

Fans of the streamer may have noticed that he hasn’t been role playing just as often in recent weeks, and it appears that issues with stream snipers have been the resounding reason for his breaks away from the multiplayer mod.

Rockstar GamesSummit1g’s run-in with police started his rage at stream snipers.

After robbing a store in the game and attempting to hide from the cops, the 32-year-old’s character Charles Johnson was hunted down by the police, and placed under arrest for his crimes.

Summit1g was immediately annoyed by this, discussing how often he was being found by police, hinting that it wasn’t dumb luck that was leading other players to his location.

“Is this just a coincidence?” the Twitch streamer asked his chat. “I don’t understand. In the last four days, I’ve escaped the cops probably 10 different times, and I swear I get caught hiding every time. Whether it’s far away or close to the scene.”

After finding himself locked in a cell, with his cash taken from by the officers, Lazar launched into a tirade about the issue of stream snipers – an issue that has clearly rattled the streamer.

The American fumed: “Listen chat, let me be real with you for one second. I’m not accusing anyone of anything, but let’s not pretend that it isn’t the easiest fucking thing on the planet – especially when it’s an RP server and you turn your camera off. I can have 18 cellphones lined up across my fucking table and tell you where everyone and their fucking mom is, alright?”

“Holy shit, it’s been happening crazy amounts dude.”

Unfortunately for summit1g, stream snipers are part and parcel of broadcasting your gameplay on Twitch, and while placing a delay on your stream to make it harder for cheaters to watch you in real time, it does cause a disconnect between the creator and their chat.

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