Summit1g overwhelmed with emotion after achieving “dream” for his father

Alex Garton

Despite Twitch’s flaws, it does provide us with some heartwarming and uplifting moments like how Jaryd ‘summit1g’ Lazar opened up to his audience on stream about finally being able to buy his dad a house.

Beginning his streaming career in 2012, Summit has become a household name on Twitch. With nearly 40,000 viewers tuning in for every stream, he has a massive reach on the platform.

Summit is known for being very transparent and open with his fanbase. This was displayed in a recent stream where he expressed how happy he was to be able to purchase his dad a new house in the nearby area. The topic made for a heartfelt moment on stream where Summit couldn’t help but get emotional about finally fulfilling his “dream”.

Summit streaming on Twitch
Summit is one of Twitch’s top streamers.

Heartwarming moment on Summit’s stream

Summit opened his stream on December 28 with a smile on his face, excited to tell his fanbase about a dream he’d finally been able to make come true.

“Not all things in life have gone according to plan, but some things do… I’m successfully getting some family members out of California, it’s been a nice little dream of mine for a while,” he said, getting more and more emotional as he went on.

As the stream continued, Summit voiced how much respect he had for his dad and how amazing it felt to finally bring him closer. It’s obvious this was a huge achievement for him and a goal he’d been working on for a long time.

The fact that he decided to share it with his audience shows how much he values and appreciates them. Not every streamer would opt to tell their fanbase such personal news.

“But my dad, that’s a man I respect the most in life… to get him out here, that’s the dream to buy your dad a house,” Summit added, before taking a moment to compose himself after tearing up.

No one wants to see anybody get upset, especially when it’s one of your favorite streamers. However, in this case, it was because Summit had achieved something so special that he couldn’t help his emotions.

These are the moments on Twitch that make the platform well-worth watching and will never fail to bring a smile to your face.

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