Summit1g mind-blown by LIRIK’s “unreal” 1v3 clutch in Escape from Tarkov

Michael Gwilliam

Jaryd ‘Summit1g‘ Lazar was blown away watching fellow Twitch streamer Saqib ‘LIRIK‘ Zahid’s insane 3-on-1 play in Escape from Tarkov.

On January 13, LIRIK was playing the Battlestate Games hit when he was ambushed by three enemies, shortly after sniping a foe off in the distance.

A firefight began with the three exchanging gunfire. LIRIK wisely went for cover behind a tree before ducking into the grass and going prone as the squad approached him. One enemy came charging in guns-a-blazing, but was swiftly dropped by the streaming team, leaving two remaining.

The second foe was close by to the left, and took one shot at Zahid before being forced to run for cover himself – but was fragged by the Twitch star, who’d spotted his prone body.

“What the f**k?” the shocked LIRIK shouted. “Oh my God, he ran out of f**king ammo.”

After healing up, their final enemy came creeping up behind the bushes, but the streamer was ready for him with the two getting hit. LIRIK, needing a big play, promptly switched to his sniper rifle and no-scoped the final adversary to clutch out the 3v1 in style.

The whole encounter was so impressive, even fellow streamer Summit1g had to see it for himself.

“Dude, PogChamp,” Summit1g said as he watched LIRIK get his second kill on the group. Nothing could prepare the streamer for what was about to come next, though.

“Does anything else happen?” he wondered as he continued watching. After seeing LIRIK land the no-scope to end the battle, he was absolutely speechless.

Battlestate Games
Escape from Tarkov has been dominating Twitch viewership.

“What?!” he screamed in disbelief. “Dude, the ending of that video. Holy sh*t, dude. That is unreal.”

For his part, LIRIK has improved and come a long way since he first started playing Tarkov earlier in January – but he may simply be a prodigy. After all, he did score his first kill mere seconds into his first game with his first shot.

With Escape from Tarkov dominating Twitch viewership, it will be fun to see how the game develops, especially with big-name streamers frequently playing it.

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