Summit1g slams notorious GTA roleplayer Lil Loco for controversial playstyle

Connor Bennett

Popular Twitch streamer Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar has laid down the law about one of the most controversial characters in Grand Theft Auto Roleplay – Lil Loco. 

The Lil Loco character, played by Twitch streamer Jayce, had drawn criticism for its lack of roleplaying and continually repeating the same actions over and over – usually, killing people quickly after little RP interaction.

Some players had even hinted at stream sniping in an attempt to get a leg up on his targets. Many players, and viewers, of the NoPixel server have aired their dislike of the character, including Summit.

Twitch: LirikGTA RP has returned to popularity on Twitch as a number of big streamers joined up to the game.

Ranting about the character during his March 21 stream, Summit said: “This motherfucker, Lil Loco, just keeps robbing and robbing and robbing. I was even hearing people complain about his ass in the apartments yesterday.”

“Its like dude, I’m sick of this gang shit,” he added. “Just cause you’re dumbass is wearing yellow doesn’t mean you get to lock down a whole area and have an excuse to rob anybody.”

Jayce responded to the abundance of criticism about his character directly on his stream, explaining that he had received threats and hateful messages because of his playstyle from viewers of the game and that all the hate had gotten to him – clearly upsetting the streamer.

Jayce doesn’t seem to be fazed by any of the drama surrounding his portrayal of Lil Loco, however, and has continued to stream his GTA V RP sessions using the Lil Loco persona. 

While GTA RP continues to be one of the most popular watches on Twitch, viewers regularly tune in to watch clever interactions between players in the server, but there is still room for a typical Grand Theft Auto gang character – as long as it’s played in the correct manner. 

Some fans will have criticized the streamer and others made cases for the character, but clearly, this one got a little out of hand.