Summit1g gives his verdict on GTA RP x UFC rumors for NoPixel server

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After rumors about the UFC joining forces with NoPixel’s GTA RP server started going around, Summit1g responded with his thoughts during his August 19 stream. 

During an August 19 stream from GTA RP streamer Shotz, the streamer claimed UFC had been on the phone to discuss the NoPixel community’s VLC fight night scene, noting that they are “very interested” in the events.

Vultur Lé Culturé Fight Club events are very much like the events put on by the UFC, with scheduled MMA fights located in an octagon and with virtual fighters.

The Fight Club has had three events so far, with each ranging from five to six different fights and drawing huge viewership.

Summit1g SmilingTwitch, Summit1g
Summit1g plays a character named Charles Johnson on the NoPixel GTA RP server.

Summit1g responds to UFC rumors

Summit1g is one of the biggest GTA RP streamers on the server, along with xQc and a few others when they’re active. So, it’s no surprise he was asked about the rumors regarding the UFC being interested.

When probed about how he felt about the potential partnership, he replied: “Well I’ve been a pretty big UFC fan for a long time, so it’s pretty crazy.”

The leader of the 1G Squad continued: “You know what? The UFC pissed me off with the last fight cause I thought Sandhagen won, and the last VLC fight pissed me off cause I thought Soze won!”

This was, of course, a reference to the July 24 UFC fight where TJ Dillashaw defeated Cory Sandhagen, as well as the August 13 VLC bout where Smokysloth‘s character Bovice Wilkinson defeated NoPixel admin Koil’s character Kael Soze by knockout.

The streamer added: “So I guess it’s great that we’re just coming together”

With this just being the beginning of talks regarding the UFC collab with the VLC fight club, we’re excited to learn more as it’s released.

Maybe we’ll see Summit participating in one of these events soon, who knows.