Twitch streamer mortified after bizarre item sent in mystery food box

Fasoollka twitchTwitch, Fasoollka

Unboxing videos are always a delight to behold, with often interesting items along the way. Though, one Twitch streamer got a surprise no one saw coming.

The world of unboxing videos is a labyrinth, full of weird and wonderful treasures as creators buy boxes from dedicated stores as well as receiving them from dedicated fans. For YouTubers and Twitch streamers, the landscape of unboxing is far greater than ever before as there is a crate of goodies out there for everyone. 

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A few content creators have taken it further, abandoning the concept of acclimating random foods. Instead, they have resorted to the art of the Mukbang. 

Nonetheless, for a lucky few in the unboxing community, there are random yet special surprises along the way. 

Twitch: Fasoollka
Fasoollka recieved an almight shock in her package.

A strange addition

The Just Chatting area of Twitch is a popular destination when it comes to hanging out with your viewers. The vibes are relaxed and the chat is full of banter, fun, and hilarity as the hours go by. Streamer fasoollka thought their casual stream was going as normal, Unboxing an Eastern-themed food crate, there were plenty of treats to dig into. 

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From multiple packets of chips to candy, the female streamer seemed pretty pleased with what she’d received.

Though, that changed as she uncovered a find that might not be appropriate in the kitchen. 

Getting to the depths of the crate, fasoollka’s face is priceless as she stumbled upon the addition of two flavored condoms.

Confused by their colorful packaging, the reaction of immediate embarrassment and terror to keep the stream SFW is a rollercoaster of emotions in itself. 

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Discarding the rubber wonders out of view, the lingering dread of what else awaits in the box hangs in the air. Thankfully, fasoollka managed to recover from this particular moment with some levity from the chat.

Was this an intentional addition or a leftover from a Valentine’s Day crate? We’ll never know the true answer.

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