Summit1g furiously blasts backseat Twitch viewers offering iRacing tips

Connor Bennett
Summit1g talking to Twitch viewers alongside iRacing car

Twitch star Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar hit out at some of his viewers who acted like his pit crew and started trying to tell him how to drive during an iRacing session.

When it comes to variety streamers on Twitch, Summit1g is up there as one of the kings. He has games that he regularly goes back to like CS:GO, GTA RP, and Sea of Thieves, but he’s willing to give pretty much anything a go.

Most recently, the leader of the 1G Squad has swapped GTA RP races for the competitive world of iRacing – even putting together a pretty expensive rig for his online races.

He’s picked up a few wins in the high-class race simulator already, and while he’s gotten some help from real-life racing champions like Tony Kanaan, that’s not stopped some of his viewers from telling to chip in with advice of their own. Though, he’s not listening to them.

iracing stock cars
iRacing offers high-quality races with stock cars, indy cars, and even sprint cars.

Lazar was a few hours into his November 20 stream, putting in a few impressive performances and hot laps when some viewers started telling how he could improve his racing line to get an advantage on his fellow racers.

Given it wasn’t quite Lewis Hamilton or Max Verstappen offering some helpful hints, Summit hit out at the backseaters who thought they knew best. “Dude, listen, if you have advice, shut the f**k up. I don’t care what you’re saying, I don’t care what you have to say,” he started.

“I’m glad you guys are all fantastic racers, good job boys! I’m sure I’ll be seeing all sorts of you motherf**kers – or maybe I won’t because you’re just so f**king good. Jesus Christ, I didn’t know there were so many God-tier racers in the world, I’m blown away. ‘On turn 8 you need to do this, on turn 7 you need to do this’ shut the f**k up.”

After his strong verbal putdown, the leader of the 1G squad kept on putting in practice laps as members of his chat fell about laughing at what he’d just laid down.

It’s not the first time, nor is it likely to be the last, that Summit keeps his viewers in check. Who knows, maybe he’ll start offering 1v1 races to settle the score.

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