Summit1g loses it with “backseat” Twitch viewers taking GTA RP too seriously

Summit1g and a GTA RP copTwitch: Summit1G/Rockstar

Twitch star Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar brutally roasted a chatter who decided to criticize his roleplay skills as he was interacting with other players in GTA RP. 

GTA RP is once again back on top on Twitch, with some of the biggest names on the platform diving into Los Santos and embarking on a new life of crime. 

However, despite the popularity of GTA RP, there are a few pitfalls. They mainly stem from viewers demanding that their voices are heard and that the streamer does what they want, say demanding they rob a bank or get into a police chase. 

After years of experience inside the world of GTA RP and NoPixel, Summit1g isn’t new to the world of backseat RP’ing, and he isn’t afraid of letting a viewer know when they’ve overstepped the mark.

Graphics: Rockstar / Shorty Awards
Summit has been involved with GTA RP for a few years now.

During his April 24 stream, the leader of the 1G Squad finally hopped on his cop character for a bit of cadet training, and as nothing too important was going on, Summit chatted to his viewers about the UFC fights he was also watching off to the side. 

One viewer in particular wasn’t a fan of that and how the streamer was seemingly ignoring RP to do so. So, Summit let them have it. “Shut the f**k up or I’m just going to get off stream dude. Important police stuff? We’re standing around f**king circlejerking, I’m watching the f**king fight and talking about the fight,” he exclaimed.  

“If you have a problem, get the f**k out of my channel. Say something, catch a ban, I’m serious. Like, I do this all the f**king time, people know I do this. It’s one f**king day out of a month, shut the f**k up. We’re circlejerking right now. If you’re really back seating that hard, you are a dumbass and you shouldn’t be watching RP because you take it too f**king serious.”

In a funny twist, after Summit had finished dressing down the viewer, he was immediately dragged into more police training, solidifying his point that he wasn’t missing anything anyway. 

He stuck around on stream too, despite the threats to hop off. Though, it’s just another example of how streamers don’t want viewers to interfere with what they’re doing in GTA RP. It is their character after all.