Summit1g unveils impressive $7500 sim racing rig

Popular Twitch streamer Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar has revealed his impressive $7500 sim racing setup just weeks after getting into the genre.

Former Counter-Strike pro Summit1g, now known for his variety streaming on Twitch, has just finished building the fundamental parts of his gorgeous sim racing rig.

The variety streamer has dabbled across multiple gaming genres but has recently dived headfirst into the world of sim racing.

However, despite getting started recently, the popular streamer has already splashed the cash and went all out on his first-ever sim racing setup.

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For the last two few weeks, Summit’s daily streams have been nonstop 12 hours of iRacing – a popular online simulation racing game. On November 13, the streamer took the day off to build his racing rig, and he absolutely hasn’t cut any corners on the cost.

While there are more parts to arrive to complete the full setup, it’ll be approximately worth $7500 once it’s all done.

After 13 grueling hours of struggling to build the rig, most of it was finally done and Summit took to Twitter to unveil it to his followers.

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Summit1g’s sim racing rig

While the majority of the setup is done – which has so far cost $4700 – Summit is still waiting for more parts to arrive from realistic sim racing hardware provider Fanatec.

  • Next Level Racing GTtrack Cockpit – $937.00
  • Next Level Racing FGT Elite Quad Monitor Stand – $800.00
  • Logitech G920 Driving Wheel and Pedals – $300.00
  • Elgato Streamdeck – $150.00
  • 4x HP X24ih IPS Gaming Monitor – $1020.00
  • Sim Racing PC – $1500.00

The new wheel that’s on the way alone could’ve set the streamer back an extra $2300 depending on which model he opted for. If he also decides to go with new pedals and shifters, it will certainly surpass the $7500 mark by then.

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