Summit1g apologizes to Lirik after calling him a "sellout" for streaming Atlas early - Dexerto

Summit1g apologizes to Lirik after calling him a “sellout” for streaming Atlas early

Published: 22/Dec/2018 12:42

by Calum Patterson


Two of the biggest Twitch streamers got into a very public dispute on the platform, after Jaryd ‘Summit1g’ Lazar accused Saqib ‘Lirik’ Zahid of being a ‘sellout’ amid the launch of new game Atlas.

Summit was angered by Lirik’s decision to stream before the game went live, simply broadcasting the main menu and attracting viewers to his stream, knowing that the game servers were unavailable.

As is common on Twitch, new game drops are hotly contested for viewership, especially between popular variety streamers, and Summit was clearly not happy with Lirik’s tactic.

However, Lirik hit back, saying “Have you never been a part of a game launch on Twitch? Everyone stares at the fucking menu […] There’s more hype around getting into the server than there is actually playing the game.”


The pair continue to throw shots at one another on their streams, and Summit doubled down on his accusations, telling Lirik “show some content, do it an hour before. Why are you making it so blatantly obvious that you’re just trying to feed for viewers?”

After finishing his stream though, Summit1g has now posted an apology to Lirik on Twitter, saying he “was being an ass for no reason. Was uncalled for.”

Lirik has not yet responded, although with this apology from Summit it seems like the beef will be squashed.

Before ending his own stream, Lirik told his viewers “Look man, if he wants all the viewers, he can have them, I don’t even give a shit honestly, it’s all yours man. I’m probably still going to have a great sleep tonight.”