Summit1g blasts Lirik for "selling out" on Twitch with the upcoming release of Atlas - Dexerto

Summit1g blasts Lirik for “selling out” on Twitch with the upcoming release of Atlas

Published: 22/Dec/2018 1:57 Updated: 22/Dec/2018 12:46

by Alan Bernal


The streaming world is not without its taboos and Summit1g had some words for another broadcaster as the always-capped streamer took issue with Lirik idling in a newly released game’s category on Twitch.

Update: Summit1g has now apologized for his comments towards Lirik, saying they were ‘uncalled for’.

Twitch broadcasters will always want to race to stream a game that has been newly released to attract viewers who are more interested in the new game than the streamer. It’s a common practice all streamers employ for immediate exposure.

With new pirate-themed MMO Atlas having supposed to make its debut, Summit became privy to Lirik streaming the yet-to-be-released game and took issue with what he feels are dubious practices for bigger streamers.


“I just think this is one you can skip, Lirik. Why are you under [the Atlas category on Twitch] on the main menu,” Summit said. “Why are you making it so blatantly obvious that you’re just trying to feed for viewers.”

Summit clarified that the servers to Atlas were going to be wiped overnight, so it would benefit smaller streamers to get the early exposure before the Twitch titans soaked the majority of viewers.

Lirik caught wind of Summit’s thoughts and felt that the Summit was out of line. Lirik feels that Summit should be well aware of the practice on Twitch.


“Have you never been a part of a game launch on Twitch? Everyone stares at the fucking menu,” Lirik said. “That’s the whole point, and then your viewers drop once you get in game. There’s more hype around getting into the server than there is actually playing the fucking game.”

The exchange drew attention from other streamers and viewers pointing to multiple hypocrisies in Summit’s logic, but the 1g stuck to his guns.

When a viewer told Summit that Lirik had switched to streaming Super Smash Bros Ultimate while waiting for Atlas’s release, the streamer had no love for the change of pace.


“No one had to tell [Lirik] he was a sellout to [change games], huh? That’s crazy,” Summit said.