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Twitch streaming couple unbanned after showing “pixelated” naked woman

Published: 9/Apr/2021 19:59

by Michael Gwilliam


The Twitch streamers Heosu and Esco have been unbanned on the platform after being hit with a three day suspension for showing a video of a pixelated naked woman.

Despite appealing the suspension, the duo was still forced to suffer through the three days away from their followers. It’s unclear if Twitch rejected their appeal or if the platform never got around to looking into it.

In any case, the two can now finally return to streaming and doing what they love.

Original story follows…

Twitch streamers Heosu and Esco are hitting out at the Amazon-owned platform after their account, EXBCtv, was banned for showing a pixelated nude woman in a YouTube video.


On April 6, the streamers discovered that their channel had been hit with a three-day ban, all because of a YouTube video shown during a broadcast.

According to the husband and wife streamer duo, they hadn’t taken a break from streaming for more than two days in the five years they’d been on Twitch, which made the ban all the more concerning.

In a tweet, EXBCtv claimed they were appealing the ban and that, because it was for three days, it would be the longest they’d be away from their stream.

They also showcased exactly what the supposed issue was. In a YouTube video titled “Nude Beach Costa Rica S8E15,” a woman takes her clothes off and talks to the camera.


While normally this would immediately raise some flags, her breasts are pixelated, so no nudity can actually be seen. This is something that makes the ban all the more concerning for EXBCtv.

“I just showed this video on stream for a few seconds,” they revealed. “It’s a pixelated YouTube video. I don’t think it’s lewd.” (Segment begins at 13:10 for mobile users.)

“I swear I won’t show any lewd or sexual video on stream,” they remarked in a follow-up tweet.

Fans of the streamers have expressed concern that Twitch would suspend their channel. “My heart feels bad when good people, who chose to trust a platform with their livelihood are functionally placed on 3 days of unpaid leave,” one saddened viewer said. “They’re a kind, empathetic, married couple and I respect them.”


The fact that a pixelated nude woman can result in a ban is quite bizarre, especially considering the pixelation happens in video games such as The Sims on a regular basis to avoid showing nudity.

We’ll have to see what Twitch decides to do and if EXBCtv’s ban appeal ends up being successful.