How to watch Twitch like Omegle and meet random streamers with 0 viewers

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Twitch with zero viewers

Sometimes finding a new Twitch streamer to watch can be a bit of a chore. With literally thousands of streamers happening at any given time from a number of completely different categories, finding one you like can be tough. Luckily, there is a site to help you on your search.

Nobody Live flips the Twitch experience on its head. While the Amazon-owned streaming juggernaut normally showcases the top streamers, Nobody Live does just the opposite, showing viewers streamers with no one else or very few others watching.

In a way, the site is similar to that of Omegle, but instead of meeting strangers and talking to them through video or text chat, Nobody Live gives viewers a streamer all to themself.

Best of all, users can even sort by categories in order to find a streamer that’s right for them a lot faster.

Nobody Live new stream button
Nobody Live
Viewers can cycle through streams with ease.

How to use Nobody Live

Using Nobody Live is incredibly simple. Just load up the site and already, the site will have a random streamer with zero views open for you.

In addition to the stream, their chat is also active so you can hop in and say “hi” and get to know someone right off the bat.

If you want to cycle to a different streamer, just press the big green “new streamer” button in the top right corner to find someone new.

Nobody Live
Viewers can filter by category.

Of course, if you’re more interested in finding streamers from a certain category or who specialize in one game, you can use the site’s “filter” option. With this, you can manually type in categories such as “Overwatch”, “Apex Legends” or even “IRL.”

This can be very useful because on Twitch itself, some categories such as “Just Chatting” don’t let users sort from lowest viewers to highest, so Nobody Live can easily show you those with very little viewers.

Next time you’re bored and want to find a new streamer to check out, be sure to give Nobody Live a shot. Who knows, you may even find the next xQc and become their very first viewer.

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