Twitch Rivals disqualify Tfue’s Minecraft tournament win over brightness settings

Tfue/Twitch Rivals

Following his first place finish in the Twitch Rivals Minecraft Mystery Games tournament, streamer Tfue tweeted out he’d been disqualified – apparently because his brightness settings were too high.

On April 6, the Minecraft Mystery Games were held by Twitch Rivals, and streamer Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney’s team managed to take out the competition and come in first place.

The streamer was riding high, until he was apparently informed by Twitch that his team had been disqualified at the very end because his brightness setting was “too high.”

“WE JUST WON TWITCH RIVALS AND THEY DISQUALIFIED US BECAUSE MY BRIGHTNESS WAS TOO HIGH????” a very surprised Tfue tweeted just after the tournament wrapped up.

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After the tweet several users pointed out that Tfue’s brightness settings did seem to give him an advantage over other players, and used screenshots to back up their claims.

On top of that, even though he wasn’t using any mods, the Twitch Rivals rules did forbid changing the settings to get an unfair advantage, but it doesn’t make this any less bizarre of a situation.

Sure enough, when Twitch Rivals tweeted the official results from their account, it was Team BastiGHG instead of Team Tfue in first place, even though Tenney’s squad was at the top of the leaderboard towards the end.

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Not only did Team BastiGHG take the hardware, they also took the $50,000 grand prize, which could go a bit towards explaining why the disqualified team and Tfue himself were so upset by the descision.

It’s not known whether or not Tfue will try to appeal or dispute Twitch Rival’s decision at all, but we’ll keep this updated with any new info that comes out regarding the situation going forward.


While unfortunate, it can serve as a valuable lesson to Tenney and anyone else playing in a competitive tournament: be sure to thoroughly read the rules before you go in and start playing.

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