Streamer shows ultimate life hack for eating McDonalds while gaming

YouTube: Simyakis

A Twitch streamer has shown off his pretty simple life hack that makes eating while gaming or streaming that much easier.

Streamers and pro gamers aren’t always known for their healthy diet, often falling back on fast food to better accommodate their lifestyles and not take them away from the setup for too long.

This can often lead to a mess around the workstation or some confusion over the most efficient way to eat their food – but this Twitch streamer has found the perfect way to keep everything together.

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Instagram: SimyakisSimyakis has developed a system to help both big and small streamers up their game.

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Using his Mcdonald’s drink, nuggets and fries as an example, Simyakis showed how to put his items together to stay on top of things.

“This technique is for pro streamers, new streamers, it doesn’t matter,” he started. “As long as you’re a dedicated streamer like me and you order some McDonalds, you just want the ultimate easy way to do it.”

While he’s explaining, Simyakis cleverly places his drink straw through the gap in the nuggets box, filling the other half of the box with his fries. In doing so, he’s made a contraption that requires just one hand to use and be able to access every part of the meal with ease.

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Showing the new device to the camera, Simyakis says “See? Now you get to play and eat. You don’t have to do anything.” He then took another sip of his drink, calling it “the ultimate way to eat McDonald’s while streaming,” before launching back into his stream of Monster Hunter World.

Simyakis didn’t, however, showcase how best to dunk your fries and nuggets while streaming, a seemingly fatal flaw in his otherwise genius system.

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We might see more streamers adopt this life hack when they see how easy Simyakis makes this look, especially since it is probably adaptable to a number of fast-food places and not just limited to McDonald’s.

How much this actually makes a difference to a streamer’s abilities remains to be seen, but if anything, it is still pretty interesting.

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