Twitch streamer physically assaulted by strangers during IRL Japan livestream

cashmeow assaulted on twitchCashMeow (Twitch)

During an IRL stream in Tokyo, Japan, Twitch streamer CashMeow was physically assaulted and had some of his camera equipment destroyed by strangers.

Streaming can be a fun and enjoyable hobby, but it doesn’t come without its risks. Whether it be sitting at home and playing games or going out on the town, there is a risk that comes with broadcasting yourself online.

Viewers may find a streamer’s address and falsely report them to the FBI. There are multiple instances where IRL streamers are harassed while walking down the street.

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For streamer CashMeow, he faced harassment, physical assault, and destruction of property while enjoying a meal in Japan.

cashmeow irl streamCashMeow (Twitch)
CashMeow streaming moments before the assault.

Strangers break CashMeow’s equipment.

While sitting outside a restaurant in Japan, CashMeow was approached by a group of young men. One of them asked where he was from while the next took Cash’s water from the table and drank it. A third man walked up to seemingly stop the water drinker from fighting them.

Cash explained that the boy drank his water, but the third man just told them to chill and sit down. The streamer grabbed his camera equipment to film the altercation which is when the third man grabbed the selfie stick and reportedly broke it.

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The feed cut out at this point, but a clip of the altercation can be found below.

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 CashMeow is physically assaulted

When the live video feed returned a few minutes later, Cash was reporting the incident to the police. Cash claims that one of the boys had spit on them, but the group had taken off as soon as the police were called.

Cash showed police footage of the group and pointed out which one had broken the camera equipment. After thanking the police, he sat back down to show viewers the damage. He stated that his life wasn’t in danger, but that he did want to see the perpetrators get caught.

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Moments later, the group returned and began repeatedly beating CashMeow. He was knocked out of his chair and onto the street before the two assaulters took off once again. Footage of the assault can be seen below.

The live footage cut out once again and returned to see Cash reporting the incident to the police. One of his assaulters was identified as the same man who broke Cash’s camera.

CashMeow did state that he was okay and that he believes law enforcement had detained one of the men involved. With the help of Cash’s chat and Discord server, the police were able to identify the assaulters.

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Leaving with the police, Cash stated he would have to cut the live footage. For now, the streamer is safe and at least one of the assaulters has been caught.

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