Twitch streamer threatened after calling out strangers for littering

Virginia Glaze

A Twitch streamer was threatened by strangers after he called them out for throwing their trash into the street during an IRL broadcast.

IRL streams (short for ‘in real life’) make up some of the most popular content on Twitch. In these broadcasts, streamers take their cameras with them all around the world, sharing their travels or daily activities with fans.

Of course, there’s more room for chaos to occur when someone brings their streaming setup into the wild. In fact, many streamers have borne the brunt of strangers’ bad behavior when broadcasting outside, with some enduring racist attacks or even threats on their life.

One streamer has been added to this category of unfortunate incidents after he caught a group of people littering while parked on the street.

Strangers threaten Twitch streamer after being called out for littering

Twitch streamer ‘CookSux’ was walking in New York City at night when he came across a group of guys who were stopped at a red light in a large white van, painted with artwork of Bart Simpson.

The streamer noticed that the guys were throwing their garbage out of the van and onto the side of the road, and he was quick to call them out for littering — something that is illegal in NYC and can result in both a court summons and a hefty fine.

However, the strangers didn’t take kindly to him pointing out their offense, and one of them even appeared to threaten the streamer’s life.

“You want me to hop out the vehicle right now?” one of them asked. “If you don’t want **** to get out the car, I suggest you [unintelligible].”

“I don’t want you to get out of the car, I was just asking you, why are you throwing the trash out there?”

“I’ll give you three seconds before we hop out the car,” the man said, and began counting down.

“Hold on a second. Are you threatening me right now?” the streamer asked.

After some more back-and-forth, the strangers shut the door of their van and began to drive off — but not before throwing a few plastic bottles at the streamer.

This is far from the first time a streamer has been threatened while broadcasting IRL. In fact, streamer ‘reydempto’ was chased by a man threatening to kill him while in a public park just last week.

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