Why was Pokelawls banned on Twitch? Everything we know *UPDATED*

Published: 22/Nov/2019 22:15 Updated: 23/Nov/2019 1:10

by Brent Koepp


Popular Twitch streamer ‘Pokelawls’ received a ban from Twitch on November 22, and he later revealed the surprising reason as to why his channel was suspended.

A big appeal of streaming is the real-time interaction that audiences get with their favorite personalities. The live format, however, has its drawbacks as streamers can’t take back something that is shown on their stream, even if accidental.

Canadian Twitch star ‘pokelawls’ learned that the hard way when he found his account was on the receiving end of a 72-hour ban from the streaming platform, which left fans angry and outraged at the abrupt suspension.

The frequent collaborator and friend of Felix ‘xQc‘ Lengyel was less than happy with his ban, and took to Twitter to share what exactly it was that got his channel shut down temporarily.

Instagram: @pokelawlsThe popular Twitch streamer found his account banned, after a mishap during one of his streams.

What was Pokelawls banned for?

The streamer confirmed his ban on Twitter on November 22, stating that he had been handed be a three-day suspension, and claimed that it was due to showing nudity during his November 21 broadcast.

“Getting banned on Twitch for 72 hours, some dudes bare ass from the 1980s got shown,” he tweeted, which drew outrage from many of his fans,who argued the streaming platform was unfairly enforcing the rules.

While the Canadian personality didn’t specify what exactly got him banned, he was browsing videos on YouTube with his audience during a previous broadcast, when he briefly watched a music video from the artist ‘The Babe Rainbow’ for their single ‘Broccoli Forest.’

In the beginning of video, there was a scene showing a couple walking into the ocean from a beach, when the camera shows the backside of the man – who also happens to be naked.

Despite the scene being just a second long, it apparently netted his channel a ban.

 YouTube / Flightless RecordsThe music video he watched during his broadcast briefly shows nudity.

While a ban is bad enough, the popular Twitch star also revealed on his Twitter that he is also losing bounties, which are paid sponsorships offered to Twitch partners.

This is a huge deal given this is one of the main outlets that streamers make money off of, as they are able to broadcast games while getting paid by a sponsor.

It remains to be seen if the bounties feature is being removed permanently for pokelawls, as well as whether Twitch had some other issue with his stream.

While it’s not that uncommon for streamers to accidentally show something they don’t intend to during broadcasts, many of his fans feel the ban is harsh given the it was a split second clip that most didn’t even notice initially.

Update November 22, 5:10PM PST: Pokelawls has now been unbanned on Twitch.


Bryce Hall confronts creepy stalker invading their TikTok house

Published: 17/Jan/2021 14:59

by Georgina Smith


TikTok star Bryce Hall was shocked after a stalker appeared outside his house yet again, but chose to go and talk to the man with his friends, leading to a very bizarre conversation before the police arrived.

If there’s anyone who knows how to get himself into weird situations – it’s TikTok star Bryce Hall. The 21-year-old certainly had an eventful 2020, and even showed fans a glimpse behind the scenes of his Texas arrest and his controversial birthday party as part of an annual round-up.

Over on Bryce’s vlog channel with 3.3 million subscribers, the star doesn’t hold back from showing the craziest moments of his life, and often is the person creating those moments with some decidedly chaotic pranks.

But with popularity comes its risks, and the Sway boys ended up being invaded by a stalker in their new mansion on multiple occasions.

Bryce Hall poses in front of water
Instagram: brycehall
Bryce Hall is a hugely popular star on TikTok, currently with over 18 million followers.

On January 15, hugely popular TikToker (and Bryce’s girlfriend) Addison Rae posted a screenshot of their texts on Twitter. Addison sent a simple “hey,” with Bryce unexpectedly replying “hey, in the middle of arresting a stalker.”

The exchange had fans thoroughly baffled, but Bryce has now revealed what happened in his latest vlog.

Stalker appears outside the Sway House

“About two weeks ago this random guy literally walked inside of our house. And keep in mind we have a gate to our house.” He explained that the same guy had appeared in front of their house again, so they all decided to go and confront him directly.

“How many times have you been to this house?” Bryce asked the man, who sat on the sidewalk. “Thousands, dude. I was here on Christmas day.”

In a strange turn of events, the man also started commenting on Bryce’s appearance, saying, “no offence to the camera, dude, but you look way hotter on camera, dude.” The man also apparently claimed to be 22, despite being born in 1981.

He also revealed that he watches the Sway House vlogs, explaining, “I came here for booze. I’ve seen these like stacks – do you even drink that much?” referring to the cinematic shots of alcohol often seen in Bryce’s vlogs.

The bizarre exchange eventually ended with the police showing up, though it’s not clear what happened to the man following the end of the vlog. They ended the video with an on-screen message that read “please. Don’t come to our house.”