Streamer NymN creates the perfect Dr Disrespect song

Connor Bennett
Twitch: NymN/DrDisrespect

Twitch streamer NymN created a pretty perfect signature tune for Dr Disrespect from scratch by using some of his most iconic on-stream calls and backing tracks. 

Aside from being able to showcase their high-level gameplay or take part in chats with their fans, Twitch also gives streamers the chance to show off some of their other talents.

Some of the most impressive content comes from the music category, where unsurprisingly, streamers can play and curate music. 

Dr Disrespect/Twitch
The Doc is easily one of Twitch’s most popular streamers and has his own signature music.

During his January 4 stream, NymN had been showing off his ability to make music using programs and a keyboard when he zeroed in on creating a tune around The Doc.

While some fans wanted him to create a meme beat, using other streamers like Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel and classic Twitch jokes, it was all centered around the Two-Time back-to-back video game champion.

NymN did seem to have things pretty nailed down, recanting stories of how he’s made music in the past, he had to seek some help from a few YouTube tutorials to get things completely Doc-like. He even dug into the Doc’s stream history for a few soundbites.

After a few hours of hard work, getting everything right, NymN had a pretty impressive tune on his hands and walked away from his stream as it debuted, in full. 

In pretty awesome fashion, it kicked off with a speech from The Doc himself, welcoming fans to the now-retired Slick Daddy Club before dropping into the synth-wave tunes have become synonymous with his streams and highlights. 

The Two-Time’s voice even reappeared before the beat took a twist as well, as Nymn dropped in a classic “Raul” call-out from the leader of the Champions Club.

Now, while the two-minute-long tune might fit pretty perfectly in with the Doc and his channel, it might not get a proper airing on his stream as he does have his own set music.

That’s not to say that it won’t at all – someone will probably bring it to his attention before long – but it might not be able to secure a spot on his playlists in the immediate future.

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