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THump gets revenge on Alinity with hysterical Twitter troll

Published: 6/Jan/2020 10:17

by Connor Bennett


Popular content creator and jokester THump finally got his own back on streamer Alinity after she kicked off the new year by giving him a fresh start on Twitter and unblocking him.

Alinity may be a pretty popular streamer who can attract thousands of fans whenever she goes live, but she has quite a fractured relationship with a large portion of the streaming community.

Be it because of the alleged animal abuse or the copyright strike drama, content creators have lined up to take shots at her on a pretty regular basis. While the majority of these may stay on stream and live solely on Twitch or YouTuber, others do stretch into Twitter where she has the ability to block them. However, after unblocking THump, he quickly turned the tables on her in hilarious fashion.


Twitch: AlinityAlinity still has plenty of followers but not many streamers are big fans.

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To mark the start of the new year, THump noted that he had finally been unblocked by Alinity on Twitter and could start tweeting at her again. “Nah bro, nobody can top this 2020 gift,” he tweeted, noting that he was no longer blocked by the streamer.

After Alinity replied with a happy new year message, THump quickly asked for a follow – claiming he would “do anything” to have his wish come true. It didn’t take Alinity long to come through and hand him a follow.

However, he just used it as a chance to get his own back – handing the female streamer a swift block before taking a victory lap and showing off the hilarious exchange.


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Of course, many of his followers found his mini revenge moment as completely hilarious, making jokes about how Alinity would strike back by finding a way to get him banned from Twitch.

That seems pretty unlikely, though, especially considering it’s all just a jokey moment from a well-renowned prankster who has just got his own back in pretty funny fashion.