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Streamer goes to bizarre lengths to prove his socks are clean

Published: 20/Jan/2020 11:40 Updated: 20/Jan/2020 11:41

by Connor Bennett


Twitch streamer NoHitJerome went to some rather bizarre lengths to prove that the socks he was using as a towel were actually clean after drenching himself with water during a hardcore session of World of Warcraft.

Be they big or small, streamers can do some pretty interesting and wild things to entertain their fans during a Twitch broadcast. 

Dr Disrespect is one of the most notable with his Champions Club ad breaks, dance sessions, and mini-skits, but for someone like NoHitJerome who is yet to hit the levels of people like The Doc, their on-stream moments can end up being downright bizarre in a bid to entertain a handful of viewers who are all spamming the same messages.


Image of a man playing World of Warcraft.
Twitch: NoHitJerome
NoHitJerome can regularly be found playing World of Warcraft on Twitch.

So, during his January 19 broadcast, NoHitJerome – who can usually be found streaming World of Warcraft – dove into those bizarre depths. As he danced along to some heavy music while sat in his chair, he declared that he needed a quick water break.

Though, when he got back, he didn’t exactly gulp a bottle down. Instead, he covered his head with a full glass before taking a drink of a cup and slobbering it all down his chest – leaving him soaking and needing to clean things up before he headed back into his marathon World of Warcraft session.

His answer to cleaning things up wasn’t exactly a towel. Instead, he grabbed a pair of socks and started using them to clear up the water that had drenched his clothes. However, some viewers claimed that they weren’t the cleanest pair he could have grabbed.


“They’re not dirty, they’re completely normal socks. They’re not dirtier than normal, you know what, they’re clean, I can prove exactly how clean they are,” the streamer said before lining them up with his mouth, taking a few licks, and then even shoving them in like he was prepared to eat the socks.

Unsurprisingly, this left quite a few of his viewers disgusted but plenty of others quickly moved to joke about it in his chat, creating some hilarious spams in the process.

Next time, though, grabbing a clean towel might be more appropriate than the socks. Plus, it’s less likely that people will be thinking it is dirty as well.