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Streamer finds weird way to keep busy during 24-hour handcuff challenge

Published: 21/Jan/2020 13:59

by Connor Bennett


Twitch streamer Izidore had a pretty interesting way of keeping himself entertained after the person he was handcuffed to during his 24-stream decided to catch a bit of shut-eye.

Aside from showcasing the best video gaming talents, Twitch also gives a home to streamers who want to take their daily routine and throw it into a bit of a reality TV show-like setting.

We’ve seen streamers lock themselves inside a cage – not once, but twice – in a bid to become a ‘better person’ even though that got cut short. Yet, Izidore – a growing streamer – took things to a pretty unique level by handcuffing himself to fellow broadcaster MelissaBug as a part of a 24-hour challenge.


An image of two people handcuffed together during a livestream.
Twitch: Izidore
The pair of streamers handcuffed themselves to each other for 24-hours.

However, seeing as there isn’t all that much that you can do while handcuffed to another person for a full day, MelissaBug opted to catch some shut-eye while Izidore entertained the viewers by chatting with them.

Yet, he found a way to keep himself entertained while also keeping his fellow broadcaster as a part of the stream. As she lay asleep, the streamer threw a live cut-out of his mouth over hers, lining it up so his smile looked strangely natural on her mouth, before parodying what his fellow streamer.

“Hello, it’s me, Melissa,” the streamer said. “I love being handcuffed to Izidiore for 24-hours. Wow, I’m so excited I could sleep.”


Though, that entertainment didn’t last too long for Izidore, so the streamer returned to making pouty faces, a few natural-looking but strange smiles, and attempting to make it look like he was poking the camera feed of his mouth.

He gave up not long after, noting that he had “milked” enough of that mouth content, so he switched back to the regular camera set-up for the final few hours of his pretty unusual challenge.