Streamer explains why he’s locked himself in a cage for 30 days (again)

Have you ever considered trapping yourself inside a cage for 30 days in order to become a better person? For the second year running, Twitch streamer Johnny_Now is doing exactly that.

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Johnny spent 30 days inside a home-made cage in his apartment back in October 2018, in an attempt to curb his addiction to fast food and soda.

Viewers were able to donate money to the streamer in order to make him do a variety of tasks, including everything from press-ups to wearing oven gloves on his hands. His caged antics meant he received some internet notoriety, and after leaving his makeshift prison, a moment he described as the best feeling ever, he vowed to continue to create content.

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Twitch: Johnny_NowThis isn’t the first time Johnny_Now has locked himself in a cage.
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It appears the challenge of creating compelling content turned out to be more difficult than expected, and despite a variety of wild concepts, his progress stagnated and the magic of what attracted so many to his stream appeared to have gone. This Johhny says, is the motivation behind his latest project, bringing back the historic cage.

“I had forgotten everything I fought so hard for in the cage, and slowly replaced it with a crazed desire for mediocre content creation,” Johnny explained to Dexerto. “I did horrible things that both me and my family are ashamed of. The pig stream, where I method acted being a pig, 12 hours of Chinese water torture, drinking Belle Delphine’s bathwater, the human hotdog stream, and I’m sure my chat would add many more.”

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The clip in question featuring Belle Delphine’s bathwater is his top viewed clip at the time of writing with 110,000 views, and took place just a few days after the Instagram star decided to sell her dirty water to anyone willing to hand over $30 for it.

After growing fed up with doing random one-off challenges, Johnny decided on October 1 to fire the stream back up inside a brand new cage, one that he hopes this time won’t fall apart like the last. This need to be confined, he explained, is not only to see if he can reignite his love for streaming, but also to potentially decide if it’s not actually for him.

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“So I’m going back in the cage because I do see it as a very cleansing experience. I had never felt better than when I left the cage for the first time after 30 days. As for my future with Twitch, the cage could either reinvigorate my love of streaming or crush it.”

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Unlike in 2018, Johnny will be streaming around the clock after Twitch relaxed its rules on showing people asleep. He began on October 1 at 9pm EST, and plans to finish on November 2nd at the same time. Of course, that means if you want to wake him up, just a $2 donation will attempt to rouse him.

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What he’ll end up getting into inside the cage over the course of the next 30 days is unclear, but if his previous year of streaming is anything to go by, it’ll be anything but boring.