Streamer completely loses it and smashes keyboard after DayZ death

Eli Becht

Twitch streamer KoogslyKrib was surrounded by enemies and ended up dying in DayZ, which led him to furiously hit his keyboard and dive into his bed behind him.

DayZ may have released back in 2013 but it still has a pretty healthy playerbase, up 8.20% over the past 30 days even, thanks to numerous updates over the years. It’s actually still a semi-popular game on Twitch thanks to the sheer randomness it can offer.

However, anyone who has ever played this open-world survival game knows how frustrating it can and it reached a boiling point for this streamer after he was killed by a horde of enemies.

Bohemia InteractiveSurvive as long as you can.

After being cornered in a room, Krib tried to escape but couldn’t quite manage it and quickly succumbed to the zombies around him.

Instead of staying composed, he slammed down on his keyboard numerous times before standing up, removing his headset, and then diving onto the bed behind him.

Luckily, he was able to get right back to streaming as there wasn’t a ton of major damage done. Hitting your streaming setup like that isn’t the best idea as that table will be holding a lot of expensive items.

All things considered, it’s not close the worst rage we’ve seen before as others before him have completely obliterated keyboards, so this one was a bit tamer.

DayZ has actually started to gain some more popularity of late thanks to some big streamers playing the game, notably LIRIK.

Bohemia InteractiveDayZ has been around since 2013.

In fact, LIRIK has found himself in a couple of hilarious situations, like a time when two stream snipers played themselves tried to harass him.

The massive Twitch streamer ran into several frustrating moments to be sure, but the difference was he didn’t smash anything.

Lucky for his keyboard, KoogslyKrib got all of his anger out so he probably won’t be smashing it again any time soon.

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