Greekgodx ‘rage quits’ stream after being swarmed by flock of chickens

. 3 years ago

Popular Twitch streamer Dimitri ‘Greekgodx’ Antonatos took his fans on an adventure into the great outdoors in his latest broadcast, but ‘rage quit’ after a swarm of chickens surrounded him while he was gardening.

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Greek is one of the biggest streamers on Twitch, amassing a major following for his comedic adventures through life. Most recently, he took his fans with him on a weight-loss journey, which has already shown some incredible results.

In another IRL broadcast on October 23, the streaming star took a swing at growing his green thumb, heading into the garden to drink in the wonder of the great outdoors. Little did he know, a gaggle of chickens was waiting to potentially ruin his day.

Greek probably didn’t expect to run ‘a-fowl’ of his chickens during his garden stream.
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Greek spent some time showing his fans around the garden, before taking a turn into the chicken coop. Once in, the streamer found himself accosted by a trio of his birds, who all-but took turns pecking and attacking the star’s rubber boots.

“Okay this is actually ridiculous, there are three of you f*cking guys pecking me,” he said to the growing flock jabbing at his leg. A fourth, and then a fifth, joined in on the ‘attack,’ much to Greek’s irritation. “F*cking four of you, four of you pecking me! Five of you pecking me!”

With other members of the group closing in around him, Greek seemed to have his fill of the fowl attack and, maybe wanting to avoid seeing what happened once the group of feathered assailants hit half a dozen around his gumboot, stormed off.

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“Can it f*cking stop now? You’re taking the piss now boys,” he said in a half-joking, half exasperated tone, leaving the chicken coop and the growing number of inquisitive birds. “Get out, I’m out of this. Stay there, and don’t come out!”

Greek didn’t seem overly worried at the fact the birds had started having a go at his boot, but admitted to his viewers as he was leaving that they had just pushed him over the edge. 

“I just had to go, sorry boys, they just started pissing me off,” he explained as he stomped off for more outdoor activities, before exclaiming how shocked he was that many chickens had surrounded him. “Five! Five birds pecking me!”

Twitch: Greekgodx
Greekgodx was left ‘pissed off’ after being swarmed by his chickens.
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Luckily for Greek, he was able to let out some steam with some harmless revenge against his dog in the same outdoors adventure.

While playing with his dog, the streamer began pretending to throw a tennis ball, making the puppy sprint backward and forwards behind some bushes before realizing he hadn’t thrown it at all — a classic trick all dog owners have employed at one time or another.

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Greek’s adventures in the garden seemed like they went well, despite the chicken assault, and his fans certainly seemed to enjoy their ‘time in the sun’, okay, but now the Twitch personality maybe a little on edge regarding his mom’s opinion on the stream.

Last time he was talking about history he copped a spray from his mother, who told the shocked star to “stop being boring” while he was talking about world history. Luckily for Greek, this was nature, not history, so she may be a little more interested this time around.

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