Streamer Anita roasts thirsty Twitch donator with ruthless tourette tics

Connor Bennett

Twitch streamer Sweet_Anita couldn’t help but roast a thirsty donator after he attempted to woo her with lewd compliments. 

Anita, who has racked up close to 500,000 followers on the livestreaming platform, has Tourettes Syndrome, meaning she often produces involuntary sounds or phrases called tics. 

These tics, which she shares with viewers on-stream, don’t always involve cursing or verbal responses – and even those have led to some hilarious moments. Yet, when bad language does come out, her fans can’t help but laugh, especially when she roasts a troll.

Sweet_Anita, TwitterAnita shares all of her tics with fans during Just Chatting and Overwatch streams.

Anita had been chatting with her viewers during his August 12 stream, when one thirsty donator asked if she wanted to “tickle his pickle.” That prompted the streamer to fire back with a hilarious roast. 

“Dude. Dude. Dude,” she started, before trying to find the right thing to say. However, one of her verbal tics took over and left viewers rolling after a hilarious roast. “It’s not my fault you’re a virgin,” she said, before trying to continue. 

“Fuck, it’s just fuck – it’s just he’s not fucked.” The roast turned up a notch when Anita’s tic started again. The popular streamer continued: “Nobody loves you, go die in a fire,” as her chat began filling up with laughter and emote spam. She brought the hilarious exchange to a close by stating: “Let’s just WeirdChamp him and move on.”

Anita couldn’t finish there though, as she tried to bring everything back in a full circle. “I don’t wanna fuck, I really don’t wanna fuck,” she added, as her tics continued and she tried to stop laughing. “Sorry, his snake just died.”

Nevertheless, she got round to thanking the donator and even apologizing for the hilarious roast. “Thank you for the tip, Custard,” the streamer added. 

“There’s just no recovering, I was trying to think of how can I bring this back, how can I just be wholesome, how can I be like ‘that’s lovely but have a good day.’ There’s just no, is there, it’s just not going to happen. I’m sorry dude.”

Despite the apology, this exchange might just serve as a warning to any other thirsty donators that try their luck at attempting to woo Anita. 

Instead of getting the response you’re looking for, you may just end up on the receiving end of a brutal roast that goes viral.

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